Fans are upset about Bethesda charging $7 for a refrigerator in Fallout 76

From GameWatcher: "Fallout 76 has, after all of its content updates and patches, revealed itself to be a fair game, but its microtransactions are nothing to scoff at. The latest refrigerator fiasco is all about an in-game fridge that costs $7 in real-life currency, for example.

Naturally, fans are flabbergasted with this development, but what adds oil to the fire is the fact that Bethesda has added the fridge following a thread on Reddit asking them to do so. Presumably, adding it as a microtransaction wasn't what the author of the thread originally had in mind."

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Juusterey5d ago

If you're still playing this you have 0 right to complain about shit like this

-Foxtrot5d ago


They know that if they can sucker people into keep playing then they can do what they like

5d ago
paradigmfellow4d ago

Agreed. They should have learned their lesson by now.

RealOldGamer4d ago

To be fair, the game has gotten a lot better since launch.
I am actually enjoying it.

But stuff like this just erodes all the good will they managed to get back with their constant improvements.

They should have made the 50% craftable, and sold the plans to a 75% (or even 100%) for real money. I would be fine with something like this, since they do need to earn $$ and put it back into development.

bloop4d ago

".....since they do need to earn $$ and put it back into development."

If they just made a good game instead of half assing it in the first place, maybe it would have sold well enough that they'd NEVER need to charge for a REFRIGERATOR.

King_Noctis4d ago

Yes it does. 10 fans and counting.

Bhuahahaha4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

well theres 1 - 2 thats down voting AHAHHAHAHA

PMind4d ago

There's dozens of them... DOZENS!

Yi-Long5d ago

Just when you start thinking: "I wonder if they've fixed all this game by now!? It's 15 euro here in stores: maybe I should pick it up and give it a try!?" , you'll come across an article like this, about Bethesda's DLC-greed, and you go "Nah, I was completely right to skip this!"

Relientk775d ago

Bethesda trying to recover money from this disaster of a game.

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