Gears 5 exclusive skins are a crazy mess (that'll cost you $1,700)

Gears 5 packs a confusing lineup of exclusive skins tied to accessories and promotions, totaling over $1,700 at launch.

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Jin_Sakai579d ago

These developers never learn. I know it’s cosmetic but the pricing is ridiculous!

Kribwalker579d ago

You do realize the $1700 is if you bought all the editions of the game, console, controllers, toys and additional merchandise, plus buying them again from other retailers that have different skins
Gears 5 Collector's Edition at GameStop ($270)
Gears 5 Standard Edition x4 ($240)
Xbox One X Gears 5 Limited Edition ($500)
Seagate Gears 5 Special Edition 5 TB Game Drive at GameStop ($150)
Razer Thresher Gears 5 Edition Headset ($180)
Razer Goliathus Chroma Gears 5 Edition Mouse Mat ($80)
Gears 5: Kait Diaz Winter Armor Action Figure ($65)
Gears of War: Marcus Fenix Action Figure ($65)
Gears 5 Crimson Lancer MK3 Weapon Replica ($150)
AAPE x Gears 5 Cap ($55)
Chips Ahoy x4 (~$10)
Rockstar Energy x5 (~$10)

That’s the $1700. As stupid as it is to have that many different ways to get cosmetic items, it isn’t MT’s.

But yeah, you’d be an idiot to buy all of that

xTonyMontana579d ago

So all those things listed have their own exclusive skins? A HDD actually comes with an exclusive skin? Considering how some fans/collectors are, that seems a little bit excessive.

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Brave_Losers_Unite579d ago

Yet the game does have microtransactions

Lon3wolf579d ago

Did you read the article before posting?

Steppenwolfmother579d ago

I don’t think a lot of people do on this site. Just reacting to click bait titles

VenomUK579d ago

Whilst this will be disappointing for the uber-fan completionists as they cannot reasonably own all the content, for most people it's not an issue as these are unnecessary cosmetic skins that don't affect the game. But it would be good if publishers move back to making all content available to everyone.

King_Noctis579d ago

I think it has more to do with clickbait title to try and make the game look bad. Headlines like should never be approved.

Anyway, microtransaction in a $60 AAA is and should never be acceptable.

The_Hooligan578d ago

@ king

Not sure why you are getting disagrees for saying MTS in AAA should never be acceptable.

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frostypants579d ago (Edited 579d ago )

Would it be better to just not offer them at all? I think the issue is this weird need some people have to own every, they have some OCD-driven emotional breakdown if something trivial exists that they cannot obtain. Let go of the need or the expectation of owning all this crap and the "problem" suddenly looks like an exercise in self punishment. The dev doesn't EXPECT you to own all of these. This is the silliest First World problem ever...

Phoenix76579d ago

Wow! This is ridiculous. It reminds me of the Watch Dogs multiple editions debacle where ubisoft put out about 6-7 varieties of WD, each coming with its own piece of cosmetics.
Only this comes across as worse

DJStotty579d ago

what a clickbait article in a freakish attempt to try and discredit a game.

You could apply this analogy, to literally every game released today.

The $1700 total is nothing to do with MT's in the game.

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King_Noctis579d ago

If this was an article for other console, it would have been taken down in an instant with multiple reports of “clickbait”.

rob-GP579d ago

How is the above title and description clickbait? It clearly states its for skins and in reference to buying accessories and hardware. It doesn't even mention microtransactions

shiva1579d ago

Is it that people are expecting to get all those stuff for $60?

Which publisher is giving away stuff like that. Is it wrong for the companies to have merchandise like that? did any of these companies force anybody to buy inorder to play full content of the game?

Why is it being showed as if its the worst thing to do but disney gets all the praise in literal comparision.

rob-GP579d ago

@shiva1 - yeah. Ubisoft used to do it with Assassins Creed, offering various unique weapons and characters for buying their comics, toys, various versions and from different stores.

LordJamar579d ago

This article needs to be taken down its extremely misleading this transactions have nothing to do with gears 5 in game MTX

Soileh578d ago

Title says "Gears 5 exclusive skins" it doesn't say anything about microtransactions. Further the blurb even says 'skins tied to accessories and promotions', once again nothing about microtransactions. You just read it wrong or read it and applied your own bias that it was about microtransactions (that aren't mentioned).

King_Noctis578d ago

When you put the word “skins” and then put money together, people will automatically assume it is related to MT, hence the backlash.

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