Boomtown: Manhunt 2 Review

Boomtown writes: "Those of you that read the site regularly may remember my frustration earlier this year at the horrific delay of Rock Band, but the insignificant six months pales in comparison to Manhunt 2's UK release following it being banned for sale and finally reaching stores over here a year to the day after the rest of the world. That's a long wait for a game on a platform that is surely nearing the end of its life, the PS2, and coming at the centre of a flood of highly anticipated games, it will need all of the notoriety it can get if it is to beat the slump in sales it would otherwise receive. Now we have it, and I'm really not sure what the fuss was about?

Unfortunately, I'm not only talking about the apparently ban-worthy violence but also about the gameplay itself which has really suffered by having a long game filled year to wait. In fact, crazily, the game reminds me very much of Metal Gear Solid, and the morality surrounding the various killings you can perform through the game is reinforced right from the start."

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