The 5 Best Things About Final Fantasy 8 Remastered (& The 5 Worst)

The Final Fantasy 8 remaster wasn't as great as some had hoped it would be. Here's what it did right and what it got wrong.

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olorin8185d ago

I was going to buy it, but might hold off until community releases unofficial patch that uses AI to upscale backgrounds and triple triad cards. I think it's the biggest downer for the game for me. With the remaster it makes it stand out even more so than before.

I also wonder whether the god-mode has been disabled on console due to certification reasons. Potential exploit of trophies/achievements.

Juusterey5d ago

Lol what
the story won't pull in fans that didn't like the story in the original?
well no shit, it's a remaster
the game is the same except added tweaks and visuals

Nacho_Z5d ago

That picture of them with Cid is enough to convince me I'd prefer to stick with the original. Too jarring. If you're going to do a job do it properly or don't bother.

Juusterey5d ago

In the actual conversation with him he looks better

Pozzle5d ago

I can look past the Cid thing since it likely wasn't intentional. Square remade all of the character models including NPCs and monsters, but in that particular scene Cid is a part of the 2D pre-rendered background (one of the many tricks they used to save space on the disc) so it looks like Square accidentally overlooked it when remastering the game. He has a new character model in every other scene he's in.