Deadly Premonition Origins Review: True Defective | The Gamer

Deadly Premonition Origins' bizarre humor and quirky dialogue can be endearing, but it's chained to a video game that has major technical issues.

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Axecution5d ago

I just preordered the limited edition physical version <3 So excited

Try it again man just gotta open your mind a bit and if you need to pretend its a PSP game then go for it lol
its one of my favorite, most memorable games ive ever played

LoneGaymer5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

It's a great game but they were more mortified on how bad the port is. The patch should be avail by the time the physical version hits.

Axecution5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

eh even the PC version is 720p 30fps with frame rate drops on my i7/16gb/1070 and no way to change it without mods that break the game lol

I definitely didn't expect anything more from Switch. In a way it adds to the charm

isarai5d ago

Would've thought by now people would "get it" when it came to this game, guess not

LoneGaymer5d ago

People get it, it's just the port is atrocious.

CrimsonWing695d ago

The game is quirky and funny. There’s a lot of charm to it if you’re into some really out there stuff. That being said the game is pretty awful in terms of gameplay, glitches, graphics, frame rate, etc.

If you stripped away all the charm and hokey stuff nobody would be singing high praises about this game. I had fun with it despite all of the technical
Issues, but I can totally understand where this review score is coming from.

LoneGaymer5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

The game is fantastic but the switch version is terrible. Swery directed fans to the publisher and they confirmed a patch is incoming for the poor port. The driving frame rate hits a low 10-15 frames that's really bad. Wait for the patch, or get the ps3 directors cut (still bad but better framerate than switch and better graphics of the three versions) or the superior 360 version (performance wise the best) plays best on Xbox S and X1 with majorly improved framerate, but no directors cut.