Surprise, NBA 2K20 Is Still Full Of Bullshit Microtransactions

The NBA 2K series has, for years now, been an excellent basketball game beset on all sides by predatory microtransaction practices. If you’re looking for a 2019 update on this eternal struggle, know that the core of NBA 2K20 is still rotten, it’s just not (from what I’ve played so far) quite as rotten as it’s been the last couple of years.

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gniosdb5d ago

It is so sad. I don’t enjoy basketball as a sport, but I played 2k13 for many hours. It was fun, you could role play as you were an actual player, and you can see your success. The addition of intrusive micro transactions really makes it loose its charm. I don’t have anything against games that are made and then get micro transactions, but these games are made around them. Is like they plan the micro transactions first, then they build the game.

neutralgamer19925d ago

MT don't belong in games that they currently are simple as that. Sadly so many keep spending that these greedy companies won't stop until there is a gaming crash

It will happen sooner rather than later because of greed and how it's affecting single player story driven games. Latest assassin's creed game is such a chore to play unless you are willing to buy the booster

gniosdb5d ago

Totally agreed. Is praised to be the best AC game to date but I could argue that. Because the game have become just like Facebook, creating fake rewarding experiences to keep you playing and eventually, gets you to pay. I think the have a dopamine division as well.

Iamnothuman125d ago

People should stop being suckers for punishment and stop buying the copy and paste shit they release every year. Can't really feel bad for those people.

Tross5d ago

Agreed. I don't play sports games anyways for a variety of reasons, but anything with MTs for me is an automatic no-buy. I'm still interested in the extent to which MTs are invading our games though, and I'm very intrigued by 2K's casino mechanic that doesn't at all try to hide the fact that the game has gambling. Props to 2K for being...creatively despicable.

Majinzo5d ago

I never played it. And I won’t now:

WPX4d ago

Best gambling game of the year! And it has basketball in it! How novel!