Spiderman far from the MCU Power Up Podcast #85

From Epic Games's stance on Indies, to Spiderman leaving the MCU, Everything is here in this week's Power Up Podcast.

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ApocalypseShadow379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

The Insomniac deal was not an attack on Marvel/Disney. It wasn't to prevent Disney from getting them. Sony used the Insomniac purchase to counter Microsoft and sure up their first party.

It would be an interesting thing for Disney to buy Insomniac to grow their game division. But Disney would need successful consoles like PlayStation to sell the games. Sony showed one console's game sales can outsell multiplatform sales of the franchise.

And, excluding Sony's console with Marvel games as a way to strong arm Sony to give up the movie license would have been a bad move too.

Disney wanted a 50/50 stake to get more controlling interest into Spider-Man than they already got. While making all the money on merchandise. Spider-Man should be in the MCU, but it was Disney's greed that lead Sony to say no. Because Disney was offering nothing in return for more control.

As Puerto Rock 77 said on YouTube as a great idea. Sony should have come back at Disney and said, give us 2-3 future Marvel game exclusive licenses In addition to Spider-Man for PS5 like X-Men, Fantastic Four and some other property like Black Panther or Dr Strange in exchange for half or all of Spider-Man movie franchise. It's a win win.

Disney's bread and butter is movies. PlayStation is Sony's bread and butter. It's a win win.

Even though different parts of Sony negotiated these deals, it only makes sense for both parties. Give up something for something where each company benefits.