Modern Warfare crossplay multiplayer ruined by this device

Modern Warfare is a cross platform mutliplayer game, but fans shouldn't worry about that. They should worry about this device, it will ruin things for all.

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Jin_Sakai5d ago

Pitting M&KB players against controller players shouldn’t exist. Peripherals such as XIM should be illegal. They’re practically undetectable and ruing it for others.

Sono4215d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I mean, the PS4 (Idk about Xbox) version now allows Mouse and Keyboard as a play style, you literally just plug in a mouse and keyboard and play, it's just as simple as plugging in a controller. I was already using it in the Alpha, if you're that worried you can simply use it as well, but obviously an option to not match with M&K players would be preferred.

GameBoyColor5d ago

@Sono421 The thing is, lobbies are split automatically by kb&m and by controllers unless you party with a mix of both options. This device doesn't detect as KB&M so you end up going against controller players and crush them most likely.

_SilverHawk_5d ago

Fps are best played on pc and I thought this game was cross platform so console players would be playing with pc players. I also thought console games could be played with a keyboard and mouse. People cheat a lot or have certain advantages over others online a lot so people shouldn't get too upset over playing online with a controller while others are using a keyboard and mouse. These games are best played with keyboard and mouse so if having the best control scheme is very important then use a keyboard and mouse. To each his own. Frames per second matters a lot as well so that's another area pc has over console. If people want cross platform play with pc gamers then they have to realize that pc gamers will most likely have better advantages over consoles

Father__Merrin5d ago

@silverhawk there's hardly any players on the pc versions of cod games that's a fact. I'd much rather play this on console

Kaze884d ago

@GameBoyColor yeah your right that it wont detect that you are using KB+M. tough if the experience is quite like on the native support of KB+M in MW Reboot as I had on PS4 on the beta, I would not worry. The cursor movements where a bit wobly, loose and not precise as on PC. ofc I got accustomed to it, but really would prefer just playing on PC. Also im wondering since it has to have some kind of emulation going on on the usb dongle, it must produce a bit of lag on response time.

If it really works fast and is as stable to use as on PC, then we have a problem. Still I have doubt that it does.

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RememberThe3575d ago

Maybe not literally, but get that shit outta here.

Neonridr5d ago

that makes no sense though. I mean PC players can play with a KB+M or controller.. and they can play against each other.

SirBillyBones5d ago

A PC player choosing to use a controller is making a conscious choice to, in many ways, handicap themselves (using widely accepted peripherals). I should know, I was one of them for the longest time. I've since switched to mkb and will never look back. That being said, someone using XIM on console is going out of their way to gain an advantage, using third party peripherals that exist specifically to jerry rig mkb onto console. It's effectively cheating.

Neonridr5d ago

@SirBillyBones - my point had nothing to do with using XIM, just the fact that the OP mentioned that M&KB vs controller should never exist. I get what you are saying though and fully agree.

RememberThe3575d ago

My biggest issue is fps and graphical detail. PC players could be pushing more than twice the frame rate with clearer visuals. That's a clear advantage.

And with controllers vs k/m, most people are better at aiming with k/m. Sure, there are people who are incredible with controllers, but for most giving them a mouse makes them better at aiming.

ravens524d ago

I cant wait to see what all the fuss is about with k/m vs controllers. Im always no aim assist n controller sensitivity around 5. I wanna see how bad ill get destroyed lol. Im no slouch with aiming either.

Teflon024d ago

ps4 user has the choice to use a kb and m but your choice. I honestly don't care what ppl are playing on. Same was the case when I played fortnite. I didn't experience no impossibly good players. CoD of all game you don't need to worry. I've seen ppl play Cod at max sensitivity and get it done. If they can do that, they'll have no problem going against keyboard and mouse. CoD has too much aim assist to complain imo

nowitzki20044d ago

Dont use a controller on PC lol you wont have a good time. For single player games it can be ok, but competitive MP, NO WAY IN HELL!.

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Atom6665d ago


How would that work exactly?

blacktiger5d ago

illegal yes but I still use em, and now Modern Warfare is coming with Mouse and Keyboard, what are you going to do now huh?

KyRo5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

JackFrags was playing the MW Alpha with M&K on PS4 (this game supports it on console) and he was impressed how well people using controllers were doing.

KaiPow5d ago

It's the instant aim acceleration that usually gives it away, although you can't really tell unless you watch someone in replays.

I have one of those GameSir devices I'm itching to try out for the Modern Warfare beta test (no way am I going to use it in the full game)

HaVoK3085d ago

Illegal? It’s up to developers to allow them or not. Legality has nothing to do with it.

GtPawnSacrifices4d ago

Fully agree!
Before I thought ‘who cares, anyone who needs to fork out just to win a game is whatever’
Then I spotted one during a Titanfall 2 match.
(50+ kills using a sniper rifle the entire time. Checked their uploads afterwards, clearly controls sensitivity was maxed out, another clear indication) just ruined it for not only my side, but the other players on the opposing team too.
Such players should be banned.

ChristopherJack4d ago

Wouldn't be an issue with a skill-based matchmaking system.

dolfa4d ago

XIM doesn`t ruin anything, any good player with controller will be as good as the player with XIM/MKB, because of aim assist. I did try XIM unlike all of you specialists in comments and it's not the same as pure M/KB on PC, the XIM makes it slower + doesnt work for all games well.

GtPawnSacrifices4d ago

Assuming you mean ‘sceptics’, as no i’m not a specialist. But basic knowledge is that Xim adaptors allow the benefits of M&Kb (high speed, precision etc) in addition to the handicaps that consoles use such as aim assist.
Making the combination of both unfair against anyone & everyone else in the lobby.
And yes, it does ruin it when 1 player no longer is playing by the same set of rules.
I just wanna have fun. Xim users just piss me off.

shloobian4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Someone just won a major tournament on PC using an Xbox controller with no aim assist against M&KB. This is an absolute myth. You can easily match up. I have been doing it years without any issue. When I just want to sit back and relax I run my pc through my OLED and game with a controller and my stats are damn near identical. The only thing that was actually holding controller based gaming back was the implementation of aim assist itself. Games like Halo 5 have proven that it is not necessary.

FITSniper4d ago

Illegal? You do realize that we're talking about hardware for video games. I'm going to guess/hope you're against authoritarian style government. But you want a government with the power to make a device that lets people cheat at video games illegal?

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slavish05d ago

Easy fix.. dont support Activision

Axecution5d ago

but this peripheral has nothing to do with Activision and it works in every game.
By your logic the easy fix is to not support console games in general.

Thunder_G0d_Bane5d ago

Grow up.

That’s like saying I don’t like a certain promoter so I shouldn’t buy tickets to watch my fav boxer.

Publishers aren’t the developers. And if you want your fav games to continue being made you need to support the developers that make those games.

I don’t like EA or Activision but I will buy respawn games and I will still buy the new wow expansion.

Teflon024d ago

What, so they're promoting crossplay which xbox ppl cried for with ps players when ms said they'll do it with pc, switch etc. Now it's a bad thing when devs are supporting it and you shouldn't support the publishers as a whole when they're likely the ones who got it going? Gaming community might as well be a non existing one. I'm 1000% convinced no one wants to do anything but complain like kids. Y'all can't be happy for nothing...

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isarai5d ago

I'm sure they can easily patch it to not with the game, not hard to do

Sgt_Slaughter5d ago

1) This is a very niche product, it will absolutely not create a problem which makes that title clickbait/hyperbole.
2) What in the world is that website's formatting? It looks like something I did learning basic HTML web design.

RememberThe3575d ago

Niche products can still have negative impacts, we actually see it all the time. In most games cheaters (not calling k/m users cheater) are a small minority, but they can still ruin an experience. And the fact that's it's niche now doesn't mean it will stay that way.

I'm not even against k/m on console, but I can see where the issues are. I'd like to see it implemented more comprehensively so developers can have a bit more control over how their games actually play. But I agree that it's not a scourge and even this thing probably won't ruin COD, even if it ends up being a problem.

frostypants5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

It IS a problem...what do you mean it "won't create a problem"? These people dominate lobbies, especially when they don't have performance-based matchmaking. It only takes one player to ruin everything for everyone else in a match. I've spectated these people often enough in Apex to know there are enough of them out there to be a nuisance.

Good-Smurf4d ago

It will,I came back to BF3 on PS3 and all of a sudden I got outgunned by 3-4 top players in the opposing team that have all pinpoint accuracy.
Like all shots lined up perfectly and I died as if I got one shot from a gun that took 4 to kill.
Those players definitely uses K/B adapter for PS3 and also some kind of a lag switch.