Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Preparing for Master Classes

Players of Fire Emblem: Three Houses arguably have more control over the development of their characters than in any other game in the series. Growth and mastery are no longer solely dictated by fortune on the battlefield, instead being heavily influenced by performance in the classroom. This grants players a great amount of freedom, but …

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ZeekQuattro5d ago

They need to fix the level up system in this game. Getting points in categories that do nothing for your current class is annoying. Hell more often than not when you do change class you get no points. It just seem stupid to even bother taking me to the level up screen at that point.

Enate5d ago

Agreed, there are a lot of instances when leveling. A lot of the classes don't even take advantage of attributes the previous class clearly used. The one master class for swords is a perfect example. It has a penalty to speed and prior to that all of the classes have a boost to speed. An have no requirement for the reason skill. Yet all of a sudden master class "Grade A reason"