David Cage: Hollywood Talent is More Than Just a Marketing Asset for Quantic Dream

Quantic Dream studio head David Cage says that, while Hollywood talent is a nice thing to have, their inclusion is not entirely necessary. He says the only thing that really matters to him is creating an "emotional experience."

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TheOpenWorlder11d ago

Clearly. Cause beyond two souls writing sucked ASS.

FishTank11d ago

it has multiple endings to say the least.
everything else in between was a bit random though i'd say.

Gaming10111d ago

The actions of each character are so bizarre and unrealistic, NO one acts that way. Usually it's the third playdate that the kids start burning you with cigarettes.
And the patronizing view of homeless people as being the most virtuous people in the fucking world who can do no wrong and are always the most moral people, give me a break.

Tech511d ago

this game was pretty interesting.
i enjoyed my playthough and ending.
a sequel would be nice to see with your choices porting over.

AK9111d ago

Eh I disagree with him here all of his previous games would've been good without hollywood actors but their inclusion made people pay more attention to Quantic Dream games.