David Cage: Hollywood Talent is More Than Just a Marketing Asset for Quantic Dream

Quantic Dream studio head David Cage says that, while Hollywood talent is a nice thing to have, their inclusion is not entirely necessary. He says the only thing that really matters to him is creating an "emotional experience."

TheOpenWorlder1767d ago

Clearly. Cause beyond two souls writing sucked ASS.

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Tech51766d ago

this game was pretty interesting.
i enjoyed my playthough and ending.
a sequel would be nice to see with your choices porting over.

AK911766d ago

Eh I disagree with him here all of his previous games would've been good without hollywood actors but their inclusion made people pay more attention to Quantic Dream games.


Mysterious Nintendo Teaser Emio May Not Be Related To Bloober, Rating Reveals Some Details

The mysterious new teaser from Nintendo, Emio, might not be related to developer Bloober Team, based on the latest information.

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Nintendo's Official Magazine For Summer 2024 Gets English Digital Release

Summer is finally here and Nintendo is seeing it in with a brand new online seasonal magazine.

The full 84-page magazine was shared today by Nintendo Japan and is, naturally, in Japanese. However, the Big N also shared a slightly abridged 54-page version in English so you can read up on all the Nintendo gossip for the summer.

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OtterX1d 11h ago

I wish they would have resurrected and used the Nintendo Power name. I had almost every issue starting from around Mario 3 forward, and at one time had Nintendo Power foldout posters as an upper border on the wall, circling my entire room.

PRIMORDUS23h ago(Edited 23h ago)

I also have well, every issue of Nintendo Power and also some Fun Club Issues before it transformed into Nintendo Power. They are all stacked in a plastic tote lol. Most have probably turned yellow by now. If you would like the whole collection as a torrent there is one here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Da... Torrent magnet link.

XiNatsuDragnel1d 4h ago

Nintendo power name instead would've been cool


Double Dragon Revive Announced for 2025

The iconic Double Dragon series is back, bringing the beloved side-scroll action game to a new generation.

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VersusDMC1d 3h ago

I was expecting it to look like guity gear strive when i saw the Arc logo or at least the same style...kinda dissapointing.

darthv721d 3h ago

hmm.... not gonna lie. this doesnt look all that great. Especially when there are already brawlers like The Takeover and SoR 4 that came before this to keep that old spirit alive. Even DD Neon has more of that classic beat em up style.

gleepot14h ago

this looks incredibly generic