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Gears of War hit a lot of high notes when it was released in November 2006, but despite all of the high scores and hoopla surrounding its release, the game missed out on plenty of fantastic potential. There was that short, rather unsatisfying story, the shallow, almost stereo-typical characters, the paltry eight-person multiplayer engagements. With Gears of War 2, Epic Games promises a title that is bigger, better and more badass than the first. Does that mean we can expect some story to go along with all of those chainsaw kills and blood baths or will plot continue to be superfluous as the franchise marches ever onward toward its culminating third game

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Armyless3654d ago

Keeping in spirit with the fanboy titles lately.

SonySoldierEternaL3654d ago

where have you been?

Kotaku are microsoft fanboys

jaysquared3654d ago

Wait what kind of reviews Killzone has gotten? Oh yeah that's right its not even out yet.. It might not even be released with how LBP flopped in sales Sony might go under before this game is done. Haven't they spent like $100 million plus on KZ2?

Back to GOW2.. I'm pretty impresses with this game. This game improved quite a bit from the original from the gameplay and the extra feature they've put in like Horde and the different game types. Gotta give props to Cliffyb and the rest of the team.

Monchichi0253654d ago

Best GAME ever!!! Enough said! LOL

lloyd_wonder3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

I'm sure with all your excitement for the game, you and numerous others overlook the low polygon count, blurry textures, flat textures, ugly character models, dull story, bad voice acting, mediocre MP, some bad looking levels, low enemy count, crappy weapons, repetitive gameplay, linear levels, short campaign mode etc etc

But I'm sure that wouldn't stop any Xbox owner from owning this masterpiece...;)

When I play Uncharted- a year old game, and compare the two, I'm floored at how dated some of the technical features for the game gen started with the PlayStation and it will end with the PlayStation.

Pennywise3654d ago

Armyless, I get what you said. This site loves a fancy name to draw crowds.

DevilVergilX3654d ago

Killzone2 is actually only around 20-25million mark, which is pretty cheap compared to GTA4 and other games that range around 50-100million in development.

funkysolo3654d ago

Are you kidding me? props to cliffy for ruining the multiplayer portion, please explain how you like the matchmaking, how the chainsaw is garbage and the game is just full with glitches, props for what..You fanboys amaze me, gears2 single player is good but it's like you are playing an expansion pack...Also how is LBP a flop? Do you have numbers, because I know they haven't been released, so you must work for SONY....And let me stop you from making a fool of yourself, please don't ever down play Killzone2 because it's the baddest looking game out there, and by reviewers comments the gameplay is tight..Gears2 online portion is broken just as much as Socom was but we all know how reviews are the ways gears is the only reason i have a 360 so yes I owned 1 and 2

Why o why3654d ago

thank you. u took the words straight out of my mouth. The lifeline of a fanboy seems to be what a game sells instead of if the game is any good. Its a joke. If i use that logic then the 1st xbox was definitely a flop but to me it wasnt it was just ms's fault why chose to cull it

3654d ago
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user94220773654d ago

If Kotaku did give Gears 2 a score, I'm sure it would be a 10/10

drubils3654d ago

They aren't any good anyways. They run on every rumor even though many of them are false. The writers are horrible and lack any intelligence when writing stories. They like to keep the flame wars going so they get hits and can make money.

GiantEnemyCrab3654d ago

What a AAA beast!! I am loving this game!

lloyd_wonder3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

So much for the only AAAA score...

Kptaku aren't even allowed on MetaCritic.

Gue13654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

ppsss crab was saying the exact same crap when Too Human was getting crappy scores. his opinion is not reliable. ;-)

BTW kotaku doesn't gives scores, that's why is not on meta. what they are going to put?

lloyd_wonder3654d ago

That didn't stop Variety from giving a BS score to LBP.

farhsa20083654d ago

its a great game no doubt, but R2 is the better game overall

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