Why I Love Wolfenstein New Order and New Colossus

BY MOSHE SWEET: When the Wolfenstein series was rebooted a couple of years back, I’ll be honest, I didn’t care. I didn’t grow up playing the OG game and pretty much ignored every single iteration up until the reboot. Even when I picked up New Order in 2014, the horrendous intro almost made me give up on it. Thankfully I stuck with it because I fell in love and Wolfenstein quickly became my favorite video game franchise. I’m not joking, this current run of Wolfenstein games hold my highest regards and every single-player, narrative-driven, game is compared to it.

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Fist4achin604d ago

Glad you're enjoying the series. I am too. Have faith in NJ!

AK91604d ago

I loved The New Order and The Old Blood but I honestly was severely disappointed in The New Colossus I hope whatever the third games ends up being it brings back the awesomeness for the first game and its expansion.