7 Best Games in the PSN Big in Japan Sale You Should Buy

Sony is back for our wallets again with another themed sale on the PSN store. This time, they have chosen to feature games that are big in Japan. Here are 7 games on sale that you should buy!

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theshredded5d ago

Finally getting a new fighting game as I'm getting tired of Tekken 7. Either DB FighterZ or GG Xrd Revelator 2.

theshredded5d ago

Nevermind, I just realized that I much prefer 3d fighters so SOULCALIBER VI Deluxe Edition it is then. I also really wanted the missing on sale.

ZachAStevens5d ago

I highly recommend DragonBall FighterZ, especially if you are a fan of the anime series. Also - the gameplay is as easy or hard as you want it to be, with easy combos and hard combos alike. For the price of 14.99 during this sale, its an EASY pick up!