Patient Gamer: Is It Time to Actually Become One?

BY PHANTOM: Many of the releases this generation come with huge day one patches. This means even once the game goes gold and is put to print, the developers still continue to make changes and, hopefully, improvements. These can take place right up to the shipping date and then continue on for months after. Sometimes, games still experience updates for more than a year after launch.

This brings me to my somewhat disappointing realisation: I may have to stop playing launch day games.

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isarai5d ago

It's a great thing to practice, but for some games waiting means having to hunt one down online later and gamble on its condition with a purchase. An in some rare cases paying above release price, that happened to me with Gravity Rush Remastered, Damn I regret waiting to pick that one up.

BoneMagnus5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I never buy a single player game at launch. My backlog is so big, I can wait until the game drops to $19.99 - the complete version with all the DLC.

For MP games, I’ll wait a few weeks after launch to see how it performs.