What Happened To The Once-Anticipated PlayStation Exclusive Eight Days?

What went wrong for the co-op action title?

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isarai12d ago

I thought It was well known that it was canceled because they felt it was competing with too many other cover based TPSs including their own Uncharted. Wish they would've brought it back, but by now I'm sure Londin Studios isn't interested in making it anymore.

Apocalypse Shadow12d ago

Yup. Pretty much. Sony thought it was redundant when they were downsizing to streamline the company. I wanted this game so bad. It was right up my alley. Action, action, action. Still think Ving Rhames would have been the black guy and used his likeness. Maybe Sony could also have paid Jason Statham to be the white guy.

Would be cool if brought back and rebooted for PS5 with all its destructive backgrounds.

After Blood and Truth's high octane action elements, I'd even take a full PS5 PSVR game. The car shooting from the helicopter, driving in the streets gunplay, shooting set pieces with glass and things flying around like in the gas station in the video above. That's Blood and Truth gameplay right there.

Give me 8 Days VR. Lol! Wonder what Sony's VR Studio Manchester(formerly North West Studio) is doing or making? They haven't announced anything yet.

-Foxtrot11d ago

Considering Uncharted is kind of over and done with as a main priority maybe they should bring this game back.

However I'm not sure if they should keep the heavy co-op or stick to being a pure single player game. Just seems like playing with an AI if you are by yourself might get annoying in a game like this.

CaptainCook12d ago

What happened to PlayStation exclusive, Agent?

Greatness Awais.....

milohighclub11d ago

It never made it past concept and rockstar shut it down.

Research before mocking cos u look like a fool.

Brave_Losers_Unite11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Its funny that you make fun of PS4 when we literally have the better games

SolidGamerX11d ago

Still sitting on a shelf somewhere just like Scalebound and Fable Legneds I'd imagine.

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Traecy11d ago

Long gone.... vaporware.

OldGuyStillGaming11d ago

This is a question for last gen

Everyone knows it was canceled

Profchaos11d ago

The trailer was completely faked and they didn't have anything actually working according to a Eurogamer video

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The story is too old to be commented.