Apple Arcade Releases September 19th With Over 100 Exclusives

Apple revealed when the much anticipated Apple Arcade will release along with several new games and the price of the subscription service.

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Leeroyw5d ago

And you have to have an apple device too. Not for me.

kernel5d ago

Well you see they arent trying to compete with playstation, they know who their audiences are for mobile games.

UltraNova5d ago

And knowing their audience they'll eat this shit up like there's no tomorrow. Apple are evil mind controling geniuses.

kernel5d ago

Google is the evil mind control company... but let’s not go there.

crazyCoconuts5d ago

At least the price is reasonable... $5/month whole family

Jin_Sakai5d ago

Aren’t the game also free of microtransactions with Apple Arcade?

TechRaptor5d ago

Free of microtransactions and any in-app ads

Jin_Sakai5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Apple Arcade doesn’t sound that bad at all really.

iOS 13 also supports DualShock 4 which is great.

sprinterboy4d ago

My mate will love it for that price, he hates the ads but buys in game items so a 1 off monthly payment will save him money at the end of the day.
Not for me but I can see the market they are going for with there apple customers.

PS4Gamer19845d ago

No thanks.. I’ll just stick with my Stadia pre order. Better games.

kernel5d ago

huh? stadia isnt even comparable in any way shape or form. You also have to buy each game anyway, so have fun playing console games at sub ps2 quality!

PS4Gamer19845d ago (Edited 5d ago )

and you have fun waiting and waiting and waiting for countless downloads and installs and having to pay money for external storage. I havent bought a physical copy of a game since Uncharted 2, so i couldnt care less about "owning" my games aslong as i can play them literally on any device anywhere with a good connection.

And BTW, buying digital games from PS or Xbox store isnt true ownership either, its just the illusion of ownership

Jin_Sakai4d ago

“and you have fun waiting and waiting and waiting for countless downloads and installs”

And you have fun with lag and video compression introduced with cloud gaming. Everything has drawbacks.

specialguest5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Lol good luck with that. Let us know how much you enjoy paying full price to lease each individual games for streaming only

DarXyde5d ago

'The ****?

Not a fan of this subscription service scheme, but really?