Hideo Kojima Edited 49 Minute-Long Death Stranding TGS Gameplay Reveal Himself; Doesn’t Plan to Stop

Hideo Kojima is preparing to present two long chunks of gameplay of Death Stranding at Tokyo Game Show and they’re going to feature his personal touch, quite literally.

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solirey12d ago

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ShadowKing-12d ago

so basically you make 55 grand in a week if my math is correct, but yet your on here posting a gaming site? Sounds like your job is to go around posting this on every social outlet for 8 bucks an hour. lol

Batzi12d ago

Can't wait to play this game!

abstractel12d ago

How can you guys not wait to play the game when we really don't have any idea how it will play? All we've seen is story (which looks very interesting, but Kojima himself even said he doesn't fully understand it -- as far as I recall). The only gameplay we've seen has been mundane actions like pissing and rocking a baby when it needs to be comforted.

You must have a lot of faith in Kojima. I love his games, but I am definitely on the fence about this one. Hope it turns out awesome.

arkard12d ago

Kojima says a lot of things and is known to mislead people. Snake main character of MGS2 anyone?

Kyizen12d ago

@abstractel it would be different if he had not been maling games for 30 plus years, but he has. I've played enough of his games to know I will enjoy this one quite a bit.

Foxhound92211d ago


Either you're trolling or ignorant. Pick one.

We've seen numerous types of gameplay besides passing rocking a baby? Are you daft? We've seen melee combat, 3rd person shooting, traversal, stealth, boss battle, and more. Please stop pretending to know what you're talking about and trying to speak good us fans that DO know what's going on.

Bleucrunch11d ago

@abstractel because Hideo Kojima is my FAVORITE game developer and my idol of whom I want to emulate when I become a game developer. I follow the man's since Metal Gear Solid (STILL have that original CD).

The man is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience. He is no stranger to the world of gaming and is HIGHLY respected in the world of gaming. So his next project will certainly get purchased by me as his past works has earned him the right to my wallet.

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theshredded12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

The man's dedication is just something else. Like really he's the only AAA developer who advertises, teases and makes trailers for his own game. Just shows how much of a perfectionist he really is.

UltraNova12d ago

He has become as much as the product as his games. Kojima and his games are one and the same; there's no promoting one without the other.

Gunstar7512d ago

Of course he did. He makes movies.

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trooper_12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Cute, but no.
And downvoting with your multiple accounts doesn't change anything.

Hungryalpaca12d ago

That was one game dude. Grow up

Shezgear12d ago

That game was and is a masterpiece

Shezgear12d ago

Too bad you didn't get to experience his "movies".. you need a Sony console for that.

Gunstar7511d ago

Erm.... yes he does and adds gaming elements lol

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OldGuyStillGaming12d ago

I don’t think I’ll watch
It’s very tempting but I’ll wait to experience it myself day one

S2Killinit12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Same. I was sold when they revealed it and it was unique. Im ready.

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