Gears 5 Dev Explains Why They Refused To Compromise On Frame Rate

In speaking with Gamespot, The Coalition Developer Colin Penty confirms details on Xbox Scarlett’s ray tracing hardware.

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Jimboms6d ago

This will be good when it happens.

lxeasy6d ago

Really excited to see what The Coalition does on Project Scarlett

AngainorG7X6d ago

Makes you wonder how Gears 6 is gonna look like at Native 4K and 60 fps on Scarlett

Kabaneri6d ago

Im sure Scarlett will have the ultra textures that PC has.

Rapidfirepunches5d ago

It usually takes PC's 4 years to catch up with Xbox consoles in terms of power.

TheRealTedCruz5d ago


Please tell me that was a failed attempt at humor.

Tech55d ago (Edited 5d ago )

"It usually takes PC's 4 years to catch up with Xbox consoles in terms of power."

2 years. in terms of pricing to power. if that's what you mean.
in terms of raw horse power, there are pc gamers with 2 and 3 GPUs linked up.

DevilOgreFish5d ago

@ Tech5

that's only if they aim for latest and greatest hardware.
if they aim for mid range spec it will be far less than that.

ndonnine5d ago

@rapidfirepunches technically $ for $ Xbox one x is higher performing for the cost to build the same PC.

There's a shit ton of articles of people building them spec for spec so your argument is crap.

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sprinterboy6d ago

It's not native 4k from start to finish though, it goes up and down depending on the section.

timotim6d ago

But on Scarlett it will be...I think that's the point he was making.

Kiwi665d ago

They are talking about Gears 6, not Gears 5(which is the latest one) and the next gen xbox not this gen

SolidGamerX5d ago

Correct it is dynamic or "faux 4K".

Profchaos5d ago

I hope it looks good but I think the difference will be felt just like the feeling of booting up gears 1 on my new 360 back in the day and saying wow this is something special

SyntheticForm6d ago

I'm glad they didn't.

It's got the visuals and the frames and I haven't noticed any performance issues during game play.

Noskypeno6d ago

Tlou2 is going to look better, but Ofcourse it will, all the graphically focused games that Sony has shown are set at 30 fps which takes way less resources.

Gears 5 on console has set the bar for framerate and graphics.

SyntheticForm6d ago

I have no doubt TLOU 2 will look better overall, but what the Coalition have managed to do here with Gears 5 is remarkable. Great frames and great graphics - not Naughty Dog level graphics but still great.

Zabatsu26d ago

Retard Alert. Jenkins has escaped.

Profchaos5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Remember they has to span the weakest original X1 hardware to the most modern gaming PC's and they did a fantastic job the game plays great even on original hardware I'm actually taking the time to play it on both and switching back and forth myself

ndonnine5d ago

It MAY look better. If they didn't use the new engine for ps5 it may not look better.

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sprinterboy6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Fps does drop as does native 4k. Only gotta watch DF.

SyntheticForm6d ago

I'm sure there's the drop here and there, but it's not something I've distinctly felt playing the game yet. I'm still in Act I.

gravedigger6d ago

Game isn't in native 4k. FAR from it. VGTech video :

Xbox One X uses a dynamic resolution with the lowest native resolution found being 1920x1080 and the highest native resolution found being approximately 3200x1800. A form of temporal reconstruction is used that can increase the pixel count to 3840x2160 and pixel counts at 3840x2160 are common due to this temporal reconstruction. The native resolution is higher for the 30fps real time cutscenes on Xbox One X with the lowest and highest native resolutions found during them being approximately 2773x1560 and 3840x2160 respectively.

Dropping to 1080p....interesting.

Btw. John Linneman admitted that he was wrong on resolution count on resetera.

traumadisaster6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I hope to certify on the new consoles games must have options for locked 4k60, 1080/120, [email protected]/120, 8k30. No 30fps at 4K and below.

Also frame rate that stays locked would be required but I guess now with VRR on Xbox and next gen consoles that might be used instead.

FlyingFoxy6d ago

It's pretty much confirmed that PS5 is gonna be 1070/2060 or so perf.. I doubt it will = a 2070. Next gen Nvidia 3000 series next year and I bet the lower end 3060 will give better perf than the PS5 overall.

traumadisaster5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

You will be surprised, it’s going to be 2080 at the least. That card was released over 2 years earlier than ps5. Will be old tech by then and about right to use in a console.

Shuckylad6d ago

I’d like the next gen to have both hdmi and DisplayPort with digital audio out via optical. I exclusively game on pc monitors so dp output would be welcome.

ndonnine5d ago

Xbone x has digital audio out via optical. It'll prob be on the next console

traumadisaster5d ago

Well that’s exactly what it is. My hope. Gears5 didn’t compromise and kept 60 let’s all hope that sets a trend.

GGEZ6d ago

I bet my left nut that most next gen games are still gonna be 30fps because at the end of the day better graphics sell more games than high frame-rate.

traumadisaster5d ago

I bet so to, that’s why I want that to change.

TheRealTedCruz5d ago

Console gamers expect a lot for little money.

traumadisaster5d ago

I’ve been at 4K pc before the Xbox 1 was announced. Assume much?

TheRealTedCruz4d ago

You're still asking for a lot from a box that normally comes in at half, or less, for performance in question. Let alone for an entire generation. I'll revise my wording to "console players", if that at all works better for you.
And I've seen you talk PC on here prior, sooooo … no. Not really. *shrug*

dreamyOz5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

maybe they will be able to get 4k 60fps on some games. But the locking options, dunno bout that chief. Also all that for under a $500 pricetag, dunno bout that too.

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