The Dreamcast predicted everything about modern consoles

It's been 20 years since the Dreamcast launched in the US -- 9/9/99! -- and it feels more influential than ever.

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ApocalypseShadow443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

Is this an article about Sega and Dreamcast or a Microsoft PR article? You keep blabbing about them than Sega.

What's funny is how journalists get this wrong about the OS. You could run a version of Windows CE on the system from the discs. But Sega went with a proprietary one and a most of the developers used Sega's. Windows CE was only for PC developers and multi platform development ease. WCE was not the main one.

Networking was great. Anyone remember free online? I do.

System was great. Games was great...most of! Would buy a Dreamcast mini in a minute if it's official. Until then, I'll just play the console and emulate on the go with my phone.

343_Guilty_Spark443d ago

The Dreamcast was essentially the grandfather of the Xbox, that's why.

Segata443d ago

SEGA almost made a deal to make DC games BC on Xbox. MS used Dreamcast as test focus groups when developing the Xbox. Xbox almost had VMU's.

ApocalypseShadow443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

The dreamcast is not Xbox .5.

That's giving Microsoft more of the credit than Sega. It's not an Xbox or Microsoft system even though you think it is.

That's like saying PS1 is a Nintendo 2.0.

indysurfn443d ago

I read the article it was way more about Sega dreamcast.

ApocalypseShadow443d ago

You got Xbox fans thinking the Dreamcast was an Xbox. It wasn't. The article calls it an Xbox.5. It isn't.

rainslacker443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

Windows CE on dreamcast was only for system connectivity functions, basic I/O, and app launching. Everything else was handled by segas own runtime APIs, and the OS pretty much stopped when a game was playing. That last part isnt unlike modern systems, except the newer systems allow for the OS to have a more active role in certain game functions, and facilitate more common tasks like saving or connectivity with a system layer for the game to access.

If sega hadn't dropped out of the console market, it's hard to say if MS would have made the first xbox. All MS really wanted was to have a place in the gaming market so Sony wouldn't dominate them in the living room. Was quite the observation of the future to realize how important consoles would become on MS part. Even if Sony or Nintendo would have partnered with MS for similar things, MS may not have bothered with the xbox, and the console space would certainly be a different place today

Segata442d ago

Dreamcast API was DX6 and Xbox was DX8.

rainslacker442d ago

It was actually a mix of segas APIs and dx. Dx stuff was used mostly for system stuff, but at the time, DX wasnt far enough along to allow for the lower level rendering routines which are common in console set ups. It wasnt like DX was on the PC where the OS would translate hardware calls on a OS layer for the hardware to interpret.

Segata443d ago

Fave system ever. Still, play it via HDMI often. Also the first console with a camera.

KyRo443d ago

The Gameboy had a camera attachment. Admittedly it was crap by today's standards but for the time it was pretty cool

KyRo443d ago

And a gameboy is a handheld console if you want to play smart...

rainslacker443d ago

The NES had a camera. That little robot thing. It didnt do much, but it was there. I think one of the intellivisions had a camera as well, but it wasnt an input device

WickedLester443d ago

You mean everything except a right analog stick lol.

AnubisG443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

People are putting this system on a pedistal. The PS2 was miles better than the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast was a system that failed, hard. There was a reason for it. Take off the nostalgia glasses!

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LordJamar443d ago

Not about which is better it’s Dreamcast anniversary we are just appreciating for what it was and what I did no need to say it’s not better we live in the current year man the rest is history we all know what happened

rainslacker443d ago

It failed because Sega was going bankrupt, and didnt have the money to compete against the sony juggernaut, and sega made a lot of bad decisions with hardware for years before the DC released, causing their customer confidence to dwindle.

The system itself was really good, and it had great games for it's time. Just not enough compared to Sony, which was doing everything right for 2 gens at the time

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