Sega's Dreamcast Was The Last True Gaming Console

Despite a premature curtain call, the current gaming industry owes a lot to the Dreamcast and its unwavering focus on the future. The world wasn’t ready for you, today’s gamers are still reaping the benefits of your unappreciated leaps in innovation. Happy 20th birthday, kid. Keep thinking.

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ApocalypseShadow448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

I think of it more as an arcade machine. Sega made arcade games. And made faithful ports of those arcade games. That's something Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, NEC, 3DO, etc didn't have on Sega.

We still have great and true consoles. Which offer a variety of games. They're just not arcade machines.

Dreamcast, in my opinion, was an arcade machine masquerading as a home console. And was good at it for its short life. Long live the Dreamcast. We'll never get anything like it again as consoles today aren't arcade conversion machines but delivering great home games. When you "think" about it, all Sega machines delivered home conversions of arcade games. And Dreamcast was the last. As we don't see Sega porting arcade games like Virtual Cop 3, LA Machine Guns, Gun Blade, etc. Their racing games that never released on console. There's a whole lot more.

The last great arcade machine you played at home.

BizarroUltraman448d ago

NEO GEO was doing the arcade as well.

Imortus_san448d ago

Xbox 360 had more arcade games and better ones then the Dreamcast, plus it had a ton of games from older console, or are you trying to forget the fact that Xbox 360 ruled evo for years and all the Taito FX arcade games run better on Xbox 360, plus all those old arcade ports.

cyber_daemonx448d ago

But the 360 was a generation after the DC. Bad example tbh.

deno448d ago

Nahh. Sega is a pure arcade company. The Dreamcast hardware was arcade based. None of the competitors that Gen had arcade based hardware.

IRetrouk448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

yeah they did, both the ps1 and 2 had arcade versions, i know tekken ran on both in the arcades, along with others. i think even xbox had arcade machines based on it.

PurpHerbison448d ago

As a fighting game enthusiast I can vouch for the Dreamcast. If the Xbox 360 had good arcade ports we would see those ports being used for old school fighting games. If you can't actually get an arcade cab then Dreamcast was always the next best option.

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bouzebbal448d ago

Was the home arcade machine of choice,no doubt... But to me it also killed the arcade.. I didn't need to go play my favorite arcade games, except a few neogeo titles.

PurpHerbison448d ago

Arcades were still home to a superior social experience, competition, and still had tons of games the Dreamcast didn't have. If all you ever played was Crazy Taxi then I see where you are coming from.

bouzebbal448d ago


SEGA was the king of Arcade in the 90s start 2000s. Almost all their arcade titles were ported to dreamcast.
SEGA RALLY, SEGA GT, Daytona, Zombie Revenge, house of the dead, virtual fighter samba de amigo.......
Naming only crazy taxi shows really where you are coming from

PurpHerbison447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

Please. I grew up in arcades. Arcade was always the superior experience. If you are a shut in then okay.
PS2 was the real killer of arcades and online gaming on consoles eventually put the nail in the coffin. Also the Crazy Taxi remark was just a jab, but go ahead and run with it.

ndonnine448d ago

Maybe you were a little young when dream cast came out: PSO, Poyu Poyu, memory cards with second screens, seamen, echo, etc. They had one of the best first party line ups of all time and best/mostly first online gaming solution.

It was not an arcade port machine, it just had ports. It was it's own bad ass home console with shitty controllers but at the time were better than N64 and GameCube.

bluebenjamin448d ago

I agree with everything except the shitty controller part that controller had a screen before wii was a thing, That controller had tringgers making house of the dead a true blast 🧟‍♀️ 🔫

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Imortus_san448d ago

Sorry but Xbox 360 was the last true console Gaming console, It had far more and better arcade games then the DC, it had a ton of "PC" games, plenty console games, plenty esclusives, online, 3400+ self published Games / apps, and more.

Artemidorus448d ago

The Playstation 2 was rubbish next to DC at that the time both arrived.

PS2 didn't have online, didn't provide cross platform, didn't provide an Internet browser with features.

Just a hyped up DVD system that later did provide above with good games but it had taken years after.

Shane Kim448d ago

DC had like two good games, Shenmue and Crazy Taxi. That's The reason PS2 kicked It's @**.

bluebenjamin448d ago

Imagine if Dreamcast was running more than three (being generous)years in the console race, we never saw what Dreamcast can do we only saw 2 years of working with it, the beginning of getting familiar with the hardware

CrimsonWing69448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

Are you confused?

Also I played Resident Evil Outbreak online on PS2... so.... yea

bluebenjamin448d ago

I remember when Dreamcast died I got a ps2 and I saw the textures on the games compared to Dreamcast and my jaw dropped on how hideous ps2 textures were and this was supposed to be more powerful 🤦‍♂️ Doa2, MDK,Hoops,just about everything looked prettier on Dreamcast.Ps2 ram was too low DC has more VRAM (8 MB, compared to PS2's 4 MB), higher opaque fillrate, and more GPU hardware features, with CLX2 capabilities like tiled rendering, super-sample anti-aliasing, Dot3 normal mapping, order-independent transparency, and texture compression, which the PS2's GPU lacks

Artemidorus448d ago

People remembered but got excited for a DVD system very advanced and the cheapest in the world at that time.

IRetrouk448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

some of what you wrote is true, most is not, the ps2 was the stronger system.

bluebenjamin448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

@IRetrouk I never said ps2 was weaker I was pointing out although ps2 had the better cpu and it looks great on paper none of that helped the ps2 versions of games to look better than the Dreamcast version,The link you provided stated that the Dreamcast can handle higher resolutions than ps2 with graphical effects. machine does lack the raw power that the PS2 has, though each component is
more balanced. While seeming limited in performance, the DC can potentially
display a screen full of 6-pixel polygons at a resolution of 640x480 at
60fps, with power to spare for special effects like real shadows and volume
lights. Additionally, unlike the PS2, the DC has the video memory to handle
such complex models, at such high resolutions.

The DC employs 8:1 texture compression, and has twice the video RAM.
Additionally, the PowerVR does not use z-buffers, and eliminates over draw,
reducing bandwidth requirements (see below for more details). At 8Mb, a
640x480x32b image consumes 1.2Mb of video RAM, leaving 6.8Mb for textures
and shape data. With compression, this could easily be equivalent to 56Mb of
video RAM. The PS2's implementation of compression is limited to MPEG2 only,
and uses considerable CPU resources, so it is not effective for in-game
animated textures, or texture compression.

Sony usually bottleneck their consoles Ps4 is the first balanced Playstation but the Pro is back to earlier Playstation traditions.The ps2 was more powerful but that power wasn’t fully utilized because it cant be because of the vram it says so in your provided link Dreamcast was the better balance console
So it will have the prettier graphics on screen

ChrisW447d ago

If my memory serves me correctly (aka I'm not going to waste my time looking it up) the PS2 was rather difficult to program for in the beginning, especially for ports... Thus, crappier looking graphics compared to the DC.

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Ninjamonkey82448d ago

Had the best version off GTA2

bluebenjamin448d ago

I played that game like crazy on Dreamcast I got it from blockbuster 😂
I use sit in the car on the game so I can hear all the music 🎶

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