We don't need any more Lovecraftian video games for a while

It's 2019, and H.P. Lovecraft has won. Cosmic horror, alien gods, and mind-breaking revelations of forbidden knowledge are no longer obscure tropes of weird fiction: they have come to dominate how horror is presented in video games.

But horror is much bigger than Lovecraft. And games would be better off if they focused on different sorts of horror for a while.

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ShinRon13d ago

disagree, i need Bloodborne 2 asap

ramiuk113d ago

bloodborne setting ,enviroment was one of the best in any game ive ever played.
it was amazing!!!!!
i really struggled with the game but finished it and everything about it was stunning,i loved that dark gritty theme.
i would love a BB2

Eonjay13d ago

I don't think it needs to go away but I don't want to see everyone harp on the same genre. In other words, its okay as longs as new content and genres are explored simultaneously.

Silly gameAr13d ago

You don't have to play them, and you don't speak for me. I want Bloodborne 2.

SkatterBrain13d ago

Promised New BioShock PS Vita Game

Tross13d ago

I'm pretty sure that's canceled...

Segata13d ago

Vita is not even being made anymore...

porkChop13d ago

Cancelled. If you read between the lines of what Ken Levine has said it's pretty clear what happened. Sony and 2K were both interested in the game, but neither side wanted to pay for it.

The game was going to be really different from the other games in the series. It was a Final Fantasy Tactics-style strategy game set during the fall of rapture.

SkatterBrain13d ago

ohh good it didnt get released i dont like those kind of games

SkatterBrain13d ago

its a joke i Know its VaporWare like Rockstars Agent

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King_Noctis13d ago

Do we have a lot of good Lovecraft games lately? If not, then there is no reason to not have more.

thepatientgamer13d ago

Sorry, bruh, but I’m gonna have to disagree with you on that one

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The story is too old to be commented.