Greedfall Launches Tomorrow BioWare Fans Should be Excited

Greedfall, a new RPG, launches on the 10th of September, and all BioWare fans should be excited about the game because it looks great.

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Spenok5d ago

I understand this was submitted 2 days ago... but I still find it humorous that it was approved the day after release with this title.

Chaosdreams5d ago

Quality control is clearly lacking, lol.

4d ago
CaitSith4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

@Chaosdreams Speaking of quality control... @moyewewo Reported for SPAM.

jjb19814d ago

Awesome! I must have gotten it 2 days early!

ndonnine4d ago

You buy the limited edition? Lol

jjb19814d ago

Nah, it was released on September 9th at 5PM Pacific time in the US. I watched the devs stream on twitch right before release and I impulsively preordered it like 3 hours before release.

Snappy4d ago

As if 20 people made this ,respect loving this game

Jimboms4d ago

Yes that's obvious from reading the article, where it's pointed out.

Gahl1k4d ago

I think he meant it's not BioWare-quality.

RealOldGamer4d ago

I really like it. Played it for about 7 hours so far and am really getting an old school BioWare vibe here.
Going to have to keep an eye on these guys, since I am done with BioWare after they refused to do anything about their Anthem screw up. And no, the Cataclysm did not fix Anthem. People need to stop saying that. The game is still a steaming pile of monkey feces.