As Dreamcast turns 20, Peter Moore reflects on the iconic console’s enduring legacy

In a new interview, former Sega of America president Peter Moore reflects on the accomplishments and legacy of the Dreamcast, which turns 20 years old today.

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darthv72449d ago

My wife got me the DC for my 27th birthday in October of 99. Such fond memories of playing Soul Calibur, Seqa Bass Fishing and Sonic Adventure.

This is also the 24th anniversary of the PS1 in NA. Such fond memories of that one too.

TranceHop 449d ago

Dreamcast will always be my favorite console of all time.

ApocalypseShadow449d ago (Edited 449d ago )

Long live the Dreamcast. Got two just in case one of them dies. But was there when it launched and sold it as an employee at Electronics Boutique. Had celebs come in the store like Tony Hawk, Triple H, Sheena Easton,etc. But learned that Coolio was a snobbish punk. He left a bad taste. And I'm black. We sold those systems and hits like NBA 2K, NFL 2K, Soul Calibur, DOA, etc was taking names they were so good. And later with surprising hits like Virtual Tennis.

Dreamcast was ahead of its time. The controller could have been better. But the last, great, arcade machine will still find a home with me. I loved Sega more than the other companies even if I started out with Pong, Atari, Coleco, NES, etc. There was just this edge, this spunk Sega had. I actually got depressed when they announced they were getting out of hardware. Like someone died. Crazy that. Today's Sega merged with Sammy is nowhere near that feeling I got long ago. So all I got is memories of what was.

Funny enough, last night I updated my phone with an emulator to play Dreamcast as I found out this new app played games better than the last app I currently have. To see Skies of Arcadia, Powerstone, Headhunter, Sword of Berserk, Virtual Tennis, etc brought a smile to my face. Skies didn't work with the first one. So this is great. Crazy that a phone can now do that. Now I can take Dreamcast with me wherever I go. But for true feel, pull out the tv and one of the consoles and fire up Capcom vs SNK.

darthv72449d ago (Edited 449d ago )

I'll tell you... the time I walked into a Software Etc. and their TV on in the corner had a a football game playing, I thought it was real. Turned out to be NFL 2k on the DC. I was sold on wanting one when it came out but my wife told me to wait. She had gotten me one as a b-day present in October 99 and it came with Soul Calibur and Sega Bass fishing (w/controller). Man that was a fun day. I subbed to the magazine the same day.

ApocalypseShadow449d ago

Speaking of magazines, remember Gamefan, Gamer's Republic, the OLD EGM, etc.

Those were some magazines. Gamefan was just so "core gamer" centric that I miss those guys and that time frame.


I felt the same way when SEGA left Hardware.

bluebenjamin449d ago

I begged for a Dreamcast, I remember it was around the Y2K crisis timeframe, I remember asking God not to end the world yet until I get the Dreamcast 😂 He listened I got the Dreamcast and Crazy Taxi 🙏

ApocalypseShadow449d ago

I wasn't even into that style of music at that time even though I listened to different types of music.

But Crazy Taxi had that kick in the nose music that just hit you. But that was Sega in a nutshell with jamming music from SoR, Jet Grind Radio, Sonic, etc.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah! Lol! And that long jump between friends. If you shifted just right you get that car flying down that ramp. About as fun as swinging through the city in Spider-Man 2.

bluebenjamin449d ago

Indeed the music still plays in my head till this day lol

rlow1449d ago

Great console that was ahead of it's time. I remember when i saw Soul Calibur playing, had amazing graphics and gameplay.........SEGA!!! the voice at the end of some of their

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