There's Something In The Woods: Blair Witch Review | The Tough Customer

The Tough Customer writes: "Bloober Team is no stranger when it comes to psychological horror games. Blair Witch is the studio’s first crack at adapting an established IP and suffice to say, Bloober Team pulled it off."

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SyntheticForm13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

They definitely pulled it off, I'd say. They took Blair Witch lore and mixed it with that signature Bloober Team approach and I think it paid off.

The Witch is alluded to but not shown and I liked that - keep her forever shrouded in mystery. Carver is a worthy acolyte and a genuinely frustrating antagonist and I could feel Ellis's frustration as if it were my own.

I love Bloober Team and their games (Observer 2 please) and hope they keep on keeping on.

SVegvari13d ago

Agreed! You could really feel for Ellis and the emotional rollercoaster he was going through.

SyntheticForm13d ago

His own mental state pre-incident coupled with Carver's dragging him through the forest on a goose chase really pushed him over the edge.

Both voice actors did a great job, I thought.