DirectX 11 in exclusive screenshots

The recently released DirectX SDK has a preview of DirectX 11 inside. PCGH checked the preview and show some screenshots of DirectX samples. Worth a look.

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Spike473655d ago

When MMos finally make their way to consoles, there might not be any reason for me to upgrade my PC at all.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3655d ago

It is taking a while to merg MMO's to console, but some will be hitting consoles next year.

Charmers3655d ago

Okay I might do a post that has something to do with the actual story shall I. I personally hope Dx11 doesn't turn out to be a complete waste of time like Dx10 did. It is difficult to see any of the "advances" from those screen shots without seeing Dx10 examples. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

I imagine MS will probably want Dx11 ready for it's next console so that should mean more developers utilising Dx11 on the PC. But as always PC's will soon be leaving Dx11 behind just like they are leaving Dx9 behind.

FantasyStar3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

I wouldn't make those kinds of outrageous claims. People thought that DX9 would've been left behind after DX10, but that didn't happen. The lack of developer support and efficient GPUs to power DX10 games is what killed DX10: No avid PC gamer wants to buy more than 1 GFX Cards to play a PC games.

360 only uses DX9 w/ some DX10 features - Microsoft couldn't incorporate the whole thing because 360 was released during Vista's planning and developing, so they couldn't nail down the whole architecture. Back that up with the fact that most GPUs struggle to output DX10 Rendered games at 60FPS 12x10 and you have good reason that the 360 would've probably needed a multi-GPU solution to handle DX10 properly: But ATI just wasn't up to snuff at the time: especially with its HD2XXX series taking a bite for the worst. The same goes for PS3 and really brings more light to why Microsoft was right in its claim that this gen is focused at 720p and why Sony's claim at 1080p was just that: a claim - an outrageous claim.

If DX11 was to appear on consoles, I'd predict it'd be in a limited form like the 360's API predecessor. Going by track record, neither GPU company has proven they can produce efficient single-card GPU solutions towards powering DX10 games: what's going to happen to DX11 console games if that exact same problem persists: It's not cost-effective to incorporate a multi-IGP solution because that would drive up launch cost considerably. I'd be surprised to even see games in 1080p, much less 720p if there's no multi-GPU architect to bolster enough brute processing and VRAM to allow 1080p-native games: not your upscaled; weirdly rendered games: I'm looking at you Lair, Wipeout HD, GT5P. Then you have the issue of latency between modules unless you can incorporate a single unified multi-processing setup: each with its own set of RAM: entirely connected to a memory controller: like AMD's Phenoms and Intel Core i7s. Crysis exposed the flaws of both Nvidia and AMD/ATI with being unable to provide a single GPU solution towards DX10. IF PC ever hopes to ditch DX9: then there must be a new de-facto standard single GFX card that'll allow at least 60FPS average @ 16x10: all while keeping costs to around <$300 for mainstream gamers.

For DX11 and Microsoft's Next-gen Xbox: only time will tell now that there's at least 2-3 years between DX11's completion and the projected release of Microsoft's next-gen console. I can see much progress in those 2-3 years. History has everything going against Microsoft and DX11, but we can only sit back and theorize because the conditions are slightly different now. 1080p might be a reality next-gen, but who knows? And maybe just once...there might a viable single-GFX Card solution towards Crysis. Wishful thinking I know... I still have my MSI RX3870 and am abstaining from upgrading until a single-card solution for DX10-DX11 becomes reality. Until then, I have my PS3-360.

richierich3655d ago

Yeah we havent even seen a true DX10 game yet

i_like_ff73655d ago

Isnt crysis and clear skies dx10?

FantasyStar3655d ago

Crysis has been proven to be mostly rendered in DX9 with little subtle difference from it. The only things that are DX10 Exclusive IIRC are 3D-Water rendering, Volumetric clouds, and some particle effects. But other than that: I'd say 95% of all things in Crysis can be rendered in DX9