PC Gamer: Borderlands 3 review

Bad jokes clash with great guns in a looter shooter lost in time.

NecrumOddBoy1740d ago

Can we get some examples of bad jokes? Are they shitty or just unwoke? BL's isn't a politically correct game overall

Fluxour1740d ago

The general consensus seems to be they're just lame. Following release I'm sure some supercuts will be released on youtube.

Rachel_Alucard1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

I read in another article, the jokes are terrible with how they're implemented with the quest design. There's a quest given by a random character where you have to kill the person who killed her family, except she doesn't know who did it. You can kill one, go back to her, then she'll just tell you to go kill the other one since she changed her mind. Now you have to travel to the other guy, kill them, then backtrack to her and speak for the 3rd time. It's not a joke it's just annoying.

Fluttershy771740d ago

What do you call a fish with no eyes?

A fsh

Wolffenblitz1740d ago

Except from what I understand they've started censoring themselves...

JokerBoy4221740d ago

This could be due to the fact that Gearbox said they went politically correct this time around in order to not hurt people's feelings. That could very well attribute to lame jokes as feelings are now of main importance.

rainslacker1739d ago


Backtracking and going back to areas after you first visit because a quest comes up when your done had been the way bl has done all their games. Sometimes they're more fluid, but I wouldn't take one or two examples as indicative of the whole. I cant really think of any quest in the bl games after the first one which was a single point objective type deal.

NecrumOddBoy1739d ago

@above all

Just legit wondering. Isn't their CEO like a major asshole and creep too? Shame if they tanked this game. This was the one thing GEARBOX knocked out of the park.

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Born2Game831739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

BL3 will do alright. But not nearly as BL2.

djplonker1740d ago

Guys look I found randy pitchford.

SegaGamer1740d ago

PCGamer are one of the most well known sites, they don't need to make clickbait reviews for clicks. Maybe the reviewer just wasn't that impressed with the game.

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Brave_Losers_Unite1740d ago

PC Gamer well knows site? LOL Yeah for bad reviews

Wolffenblitz1740d ago

@kernel and Brave_Losers .... Wat?

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Silly Mammo1740d ago


You've used some form of "toxic SJW writers" in every one of your comments. Seems like you're the one with the agenda.

rainslacker1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

They're well known, but they have been pretty bad about game reviews for a long while now. Their general writing about stuff going on in PC gaming is usually good. Not all their reviewers are bad, just some seem incompetent and like most sites, there doesn't appear to be any editorial standards for its writing staff

There was a time they were the best. Now, they're just more of the same.

Born2Game831739d ago

PCGamer do alright. They are nowhere near IGN or GS level of popular. Also I had the same sentiment when they gave Dragon Age 2 a 9/10.

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WukeWiking1740d ago

Good thing people aren't playing it for the jokes but for the fat loot and grind.

Razmiran1740d ago

I mean, the jokes are part of the dialogue, which is part of the story
So bad jokes can drag a big part of the game down

AngelicIceDiamond1740d ago

Sure, if you're that much invested in Borderlands Dialogue.

Razmiran1740d ago

Well, I didnt write this particular review, but I think a review should cover the whole package
And again, im not saying "Yes, the game is bad because X". I did not play this game because its not out, but im just saying that if this is the assessment the reviewer made it is not baseless

rainslacker1739d ago

I always thought half the jokes were bad. But bad in a funny way. It's just so over the top, that it's hard to take seriously. In the other games there are some genuinely funny bits of dialogue. TfTBL was packed with a lot of good humor, even if some of it was stupid.

Razmiran1739d ago

TfTBL was sooooo good
I agree mostly, I didnt like pre sequel much to be honest

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Cmv381740d ago

Imo you're right. I don't remember anything funny from bl1. A lot funny from bl 2 and the pre sequel. I'll judge these jokes myself...o just want yo know is the game fun, and how the end game is. Jokes are too subjective for me to value others opinions on then.

zen_hydra1740d ago

It's disappointing to see this, but I'm not entirely surprised. The promotional material for BL3 just hasn't grabbed me the way the other games did. After BL2 and Tales From The Borderlands, I expected BL3 to have at least a comparable quality of writing and character design. That apparently didn't pan out.

Cmv381740d ago

S stray too far from design choices people like and people may complain about that too. I waited too long not top try the game. But standard edition for me, since I don't know how long imma be into this game.

drunkenspy0071740d ago

wait, so issue is with gags, but game play is good? SMH