Infinity Ward's Bowling Attacks Activision Producer


"Infinity Ward director of communications/community manager Robert Bowling has angrily attacked Activision producer Noah Heller over comments made in a number of interviews for the imminent Call of Duty: World At War, apparently displeased about Heller's competitive instinct -- which the latter recently described to Gamasutra as "gratifying."

Writing on his personal blog, Bowling let fly a torrent of abuse in an entry entitled "Noah Heller – Stop Doing Interviews…" Bowling's furious comments relate to references made to Infinity Ward's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in articles ostensibly about World at War.

"Come on man, interview about your game. Not OURS! Call of Duty: World at War can stand on it's own merits, leave ours out of it," states Bowling (original emphasis and spelling)."

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Th3 Chr0nic3627d ago

I see why he is pissed, cause they are trying to use the success of COD4 to boost COD5. instead of relying on their own work they are relying on old rep of cod4. COD4 is awesome and these bastards just got lucky to use the same engine and make new skins and levels and weapons. i think if they were going to just use the same engine and get the easy eay out they should have just let infinity ward do it cause it was their engine and they did all the hard work on it. Treyarch is nothing but second rate hacks that are riding the successes of infinity ward to the bank.

if they were confident with what they have made they could rely on it but they know they have nothing original to show us.