5 upcoming LGBT indie games you should check out

2019 is a fantastic year for indie gaming. There have been some fantastic works in LGBT indie games, so why not celebrate them?

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Tharja42d ago

I would, but I feel like I would be supporting sjw bullshit.

XFactorjjw42d ago

Pretty weird hill to die on there buddy

Sono42141d ago

Is seriously NO ONE gonna comment on the cringe name of this site? GAYmingmag?! I mean seriously.. if you base your whole identity around your sexuality, you are clearly hollow and lacking in personality.

You don't see cringe stuff like STRAIGHTgamingnews or anything like that, which would be just as cringe.

I think it's safe to say that LGBT is way past the point of being accepted and it's now to the point where it's being shoved down our throats.

TeamIcoFan42d ago

Funny, people like you get pissed when an existing character is revealed to be gay, saying "Just make your own games FFS!"
Yet when we do, you people still complain.

We have every right to make our own games, a news site reporting on it isn't "sjw bullshit", get over it.

BillyG0AT42d ago

A hell of a lot of it is, to be fair

PowerOfTheCloud42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

What's wrong about saying "just make your own game" and not supporting it? I'm mean isn't that the point about not having to support this kind of stuff by not having to buy a game that you interested in but has been filled up with certain agendas?

ButtAnihilator42d ago

Anything that's not missionary position vanilla safe content for normies is SJW to these kids.

rainslacker42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

People complain about normalcy too. Just people complain about different things.

I get your point though. Since others seemed to miss it, you're saying that people who aren't into the stuff shouldn't be so negative towards the things that are doing what they asked to be done in a way that makes it a no win situation for those companies or people that actually do try to effect change in the way it should be done, instead of forcing ideals on the products that we would prefer they stop poking their noses in as if they are somehow the target audience of the games which have been fine for decades now.

Paraphrased of course.

Inzo42d ago

"Funny, people like you get pissed when an existing character is revealed to be gay, saying "Just make your own games FFS!""

Maybe you should read his post again and stop seeing what you want to see.

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NoneYuh42d ago

Ugghh equality is so gross isn’t it? So do I get my cool internet points now for fighting the SJW libs?

Dude, you’re pathetic

GrubsterBeater41d ago

“Ugghh equality is so gross isn’t it?”

Name me ONE area of inequality between straight people and the LGBT community.

Just one..

I know it’s nice to be a victim and LARP about fighting civil rights atrocities, but we live in a time where those issues don’t exist anymore, at least not in the Western world.

If you wanna fight the good fight, direct it at the peaceful religion of Islam where gay people are thrown off buildings for being gay.

ButtAnihilator41d ago

@GrubsterBeater Being gay is still a crime in many countries. Dude, in what world do you live in?

FunAndGun42d ago

'In this game, you’ll need to dance your way through the streets.'


Elda42d ago

Cool for folks that are interested,hopefully it does well for the indie community. To each their own.

Samus70741d ago

Yes, we need video games specifically aimed at people who like doing particular things with their genitals. That makes total sense. /s
The Alphabet People will come for us all eventually. I'm probably just going to start saying I'm gay so they'll leave me alone.

Traecy41d ago

Your comment is totally immature including ignorant.

GrubsterBeater41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Welcome to George Orwell’s 1984.

42d ago
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