Gun Showdown Q&A (PSP)

Gamespot dig up the first details on Activision's upcoming PSP version of Neversoft's Western shooter.

2005's Gun was a promising but flawed action adventure game set in the Old West, from veteran developer Neversoft. The game cast you in the role of Colton White, an orphaned gunslinger who went on a guns-and-ammo-heavy journey of self-discovery through the West. The PlayStation Portable game serves as an expanded take on Neversoft's original console game, with new content that's being developed by UK-based Rebellion. Gamespot talked to associate producer Chuck Park at Activision to find out what to expect from the portable version of the game.

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New GUN Showdown screenshots

Activision have this afternoon released some new screenshots for GUN Showdown on PSP.

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Gun fits in your pocket.

With Gun Showdown, we were lucky in that the structure was already pretty well-suited to "drop in, drop out" gaming. It wasn't hard to imagine that Gun Showdown would work well on the PSP. Long train journey? Play a story mission or two and advance the well-plotted narrative. Five minute wait for the bus? Play a quick side-mission and beef up Colton's stats. Gun was already a pick-up-and-play game but we wanted to build upon and add to this. That's where the new Quick-Play modes come in.