A camera hack reveals that in horror classic P.T., Lisa is always right behind you

From VG247: "If you ever got the feeling that Lisa was right behind you in P.T., that’s because she was – literally at all times.

P.T., the Silent Hills demo that many consider to be one of the best horror games of all time, was downloaded over a million times on PS4 before the game was cancelled and the demo was pulled. Fans have mourned for it, and uncovered new, weird shit inside it, ever since."

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W34KN35S1291d ago

I thought this was already a known thing , you can hear her walking behind you and see her shadow in some segments.

aarogree1291d ago

There are plenty of ways in games to make sounds play and shadows move without a model.

King_Noctis1291d ago

Man that is creepy as hell.

Obelisk921291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

It's unbelievable how much work and thought went into this DEMO. The full game would've been mindblowing.

P.T. is probably the worst loss we experienced in this decade.

DuckOnQuack351291d ago

I still cry about it every night. There hasn't been a great psychological horror game in a long long time.

Fluttershy771291d ago

Kojima is obsessive crazy

CrimsonPheonix1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

F&*% konami.

CorndogBurglar1291d ago

It's such a shame what happened to this game.

It's also very surprising that no one has stepped up and made something similar. Usually most devs/production companies in the video game industry mimic anything that is successful, and with all the praise that P.T. got one would think something very similar would have come out by now.

SkatterBrain1291d ago

I think its what Resident Evil 7 was trying to go for when they changed to 1st person view

kparks1290d ago

If RE7 was going for PT they missed the mark big time that game was a huge let down.

VerminSC1291d ago

There were many copy cats. Alison road for one

darren_poolies1291d ago

We haven't had an update on that in over 3 years, safe to assume it's probably dead.

SkatterBrain1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

I Remember Seeing That and being soo excited to try it out Also the realistic Titanic simulator

Neonridr1291d ago

There is a game coming called Visage which hopes to retain that P.T. feel. Allison Road was probably the biggest one, but it mysteriously got cancelled.

ps360s1291d ago

All these games which are based on the idea of P.T are good but we all know that apart from the gameplay and feel, we won't be getting the incredible story/puzzles/voice acting and so on to go with it which we can expect P.T to have if it wasn't canceled.

A shame :(

Neonridr1291d ago

@ps360s - fully agree there. These other games are but a slice of the experience we would have gotten here. It truly is a real shame.

Fluttershy771291d ago

Yeah but how? I mean, Silent Hill 1-2-3 were all successful (and absolute masterpieces for me) but those games were made by the genius of Team Silent, and this one by Kojima... so even if they try they usually end up with something like Evil Within or RE7 (which I don't want to crp on those games but they are not Silent Hill)
Hopefully Konami will get their sht together (eventually) the way Capcom is doing, and could reunite the old gang...

Redshadowsaint1290d ago

The creator of PT supposedlydid make a similar game. They have a trailer for it and everything.

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