Even the Big "N" Has Some Big Duds: The Worst Games from Nintendo

Phil writes, "Even the greatest of titans in the gaming industry let loose the occasional stinkers. Perhaps there was a more elegant way of putting that, but at any rate, for the next few weeks, SuperPhillip Central is eyeing the big three first parties of gaming and taking a look at their (very much subjectively speaking) "worst" games.

We begin on this Sunday evening by examining a handful of the blemishes on Nintendo's record, whether it be as a developer, co-developer, or publisher. For the longest-running player in the industry that still makes consoles and games, you can bet we'll be revisiting Nintendo someday. However, for now, let's take a glimpse at some less than favorably viewed games from the Big "N" and its partners."

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WiiU-Dude43d ago

I had fun with Devil's Third, but you HAVE to put it in perspective. Think of it as an over the top, testosterone driven 80s action type film and you will come to an understanding to just go with things and have fun. As far as gameplay, it feels dated in many ways, but still there is fun to be had.

TxAg1143d ago

How are they gonna use an ACNL screenshot for the thumbnail of an article about bad games?

Phil3243d ago

That's Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival for the Wii U. :)

43d ago
Sully524643d ago

Almost every nintendo game i ever played was either amazing 8.5/10 and up, or the most unplayable trash to ever grace my tv