World of Warcraft DDoS Takes Down Servers For Second Day In a Row

Right now World of Warcraft and World of Warcraft Classic are offline due to a DDOS attack that are effecting all of Blizzard's games.

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BIGBushido41d ago

Either someone got pissed after waiting in queue or they just wanna watch the world(of warcraft) burn.

Fluttershy7741d ago

There are almost no queues unless you want to be in Faerlina to become asmongold's bff

Jman241d ago

It's a racketeering attempt to extort "protection".

kernel41d ago

Well judging by how some people act on this forum and others, Im not surprised.

Fluttershy7741d ago

It wasn't as bad as the one yesterday... Man, what a bunch of losers, there are a lot of injustice and evil corporations all over the world, Blizzard is not one of them

l33t_haxx0r41d ago

World of Warcraft classic??? Did they realise all there expansions where shit and re released the game in vanilla or something??

SamPao41d ago

Millions like the game with all the expansions and some other millions would like to experience vanilla again. Thats pretty much it.

kernel41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

When you have a game that 100s of millions of people have gotten into, many might prefer the older versions. Think older call of duty games for example, most cod sequels feel more like expansions to me as well but Modern Warfare was probably the peak.

Thunder_G0d_Bane41d ago

No, they decided to give their players Options. I know right its crazy? It's like they actually want their customers to be happy.... This is madness!

l33t_haxx0r41d ago

All right bellend, calm the fuck down