Sony: PS3 Hitting Stride, Competitors "On Their Way Down"

Sony UK's managing director Ray Maguire has been a busy guy as of late, providing quote after quote for the industry journalists to print and for the readers to analyze. The latest batch of comments comes from a recent interview, where Maguire talks about the upswing of the PS3 and perceived downswing of the competition, and the trials and tribulations of creating something like PlayStation Home.

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crunchie1013632d ago

You can't deny how PS3 has progressed since launch, and how far their online service has come, but I wonder if even surpassing 360 in console sales, let alone software sales is even a viable target now.

It seems more and more like the PS3 will end up like the original Xbox - not a failure by any means, and will have an incredible selection of games by the end of the generation and, I'm sure, a much better online service, but also not able to become that mainstream, de-facto games machine that the PS2 was.

himdeel3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

...we're only into the second year of the PS3 and they've made some tremendous strides thanks to the competition from the Wii and 360. Likewise SONY has said several times they have a 10 year plan for the PS3 and also think that because of this focused plan the PS3 will NOT end up like the Xbox. The fact that the PS2 is still around and kicking is evidence enough of the long term planning on the part of SONY.

If you look at the history of SONY consoles they have flows and ebbs with respect to sales. The state of the global economy has to be factored into sales but the research proves people still buy games and still put money into entertainment regardless of the economy. There is so much more under the hood of the PS3 than there was with respect to the Xbox as well as support from developers that the two cannot be compared in quite the same way.

krakdol3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

@crunchie : you must live under a rock. In real world, PS3 outsold 360 worldwide last year and this year too. The install base gap is slowly nearing zero in spite of a full year headstart.

Actually, the 360 is dead in Japan (it was outsold 6:1 last week in Japan by the PS3 and even under 1 million units there), and it's behind in install base in Europe now, the biggest gaming market. Its survival now depends only on the US.

If anything, the 360 looks more and more like the original Xbox because if you factor in the RROD and people who had to buy several consoles because of it, you have to admit that the 360 owners are more or less the same population as the original Xbox owners (mostly young male American teens). I mean they didn't widen their customer target, that was the main failure they try to fix right now with lips and in the movie, but it looks like too little too late.

For the avatars you already have the Wii, for Lips you already have Singstar on PS2/PS3, for Boku you already have LBP on PS3 and so on... At the end of the day, if you create nothing, why would people prefer YOUR product over the ones you copy. Zune failed against Ipod, and it will be the same in the gaming market. Sony was there before.

I wouldn't surprised if microsoft gives up on gaming much sooner than people think.

ultimolu3632d ago

Strongly disagree as well.

The PS3 has done a LOT better this year. Last year, it was almost shameful to own a PS3 because of the constant delays and lack of games. But now, things are getting better and better.

I expect this to continue. Sony has made considerable progress with their system.

NickIni3632d ago

About a year and a half ago, the PS3 was doing incredibly badly. In fact, a lot of people didn't even regard it as serious competition for the Xbox. But in the space of a year, the PS3 has closed the gap at a rapid pace. And is still ploughing on.

PotNoodle3632d ago

The only place really the 360 is beating the ps3 in sales is NA, the ps3 is outselling the 360 in total sales in both europe, japan and a good few middle eastern countries.

If sony were not as big as they are, microsofts efforts would of killed the playstation long ago. Microsoft have done it many times before, taken huge hits, gone wayyyyy out of their way even when they know it will do nothing but loose them money just to make sure a company goes down, but sony technically is over twice the size of microsoft as a business. I think microsoft under estimated sony and they have probably lost alot due to their huge investments which have returned not half as much as they expected.

In turn though, i think sony may have under-estimated the xbox at the same time, hence their lack of effort at the start of this gen.

Sony have a huge place in the gaming industry, they are very well equiped for the console gaming business unlike microsoft. Microsoft are doing everything right to beat sony, but i don't think sony is better prepared, it'll take microsoft a while to build up the something that equals to what sony has to offer.

Sonys consoles have always started off slow, just the ps3 was a little slower, i don't think we should of ever discounted sony - to think sony lost it due to one console after the huge success they had in the recent past is silly.

Also, another thing - sony have not really seen competition like this before, they underestimated everyone and payed the price.

theKiller3632d ago

u couldnt completely hide ur fanboyish feelings of being a 360 or MS lover, ps3 is outselling 360 for more than a year now on worldwide bases, u have to realize there is world bigger than just america u know?? the sales coming from europe and japan and the rest countries they make more than double of the sales in USA!

ps3 is miles ahead of 360, it already passed 360 in europe, and neck to neck with 360 in USA!

while 360 sales and wii only goes down!

so his is right in everything except socom, which they screwed it up at launch but now the game is running fine, and trophies is on the way!!

PSN games r far much better and innovative than 360 arcade/xbox live, home looks to be much better, blue ray is the next gen of DVDs, ps3 cost twice more than 360 and still outselling it, imagine soon after few months what will happened when sony ps3 goes 299??

so u saying ps3 will be like xbox which is a flop in hardware sales and software also is pure fanboyism.

open zone is that way --------------------->

Death3632d ago

At the end of two years, the previous market leader is still in last place. Currently, the Xbox 360 is still more than 5 million consoles ahead of the PS3 World wide. At the rate the PS3 is selling, the Xbox 360 will be close to 5 years old when the PS3 catches up. Even if the PS3 catches up sooner, they have lost a very large share of the market. The last 2 generations Sony has held 75% of the market. Of the amlost 75 million next generation consoles, Sony has less than 17 million of them. This gives them a 22% share of the current market.

These are the numbers from last gen and this one as of September 30th.

PS2 - 140 million / PS3 16.84 million (2 years on market)

Xbox - 24 million / Xbox 360 - 22 million (3 years on market)

Gamecube - 22 million / Wii - 35 million (2 years on market)

The Wii has surpassed it's previius console base in less than 2 years. The Xbox 360 will sell more than it's previous base in just over 3 years. The PS2 had over 40 million units sold in the same time frame as the PS3 has been out. This means the PS3 is selling half as fast as the PS2 did. Spinning the facts can't be easy. I'm not sure how the rep from Sony painted the PS3 as a growing sucess and the competition as losing steam.


Kratos Spartan3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

please provide a link for 40 million PS2's sold in 2 years, cuz I want to see it

Aclay3632d ago


I seriously can't stand it when people say that the PS3 is like this generation's Original Xbox. I don't think that success of the PS3 can even be compared to the Xbox and here is why:

-The Playstation brand has a HUGE installbase, the Original Xbox had no fanbase at all because it was a new system.

- More people are familiar with Playstation than Xbox

- Sony has a long term plan for the PS3 unlike the Original Xbox

- Even though the Xbox 360 is at a low price, Microsoft has never had experience with capturing the casual audience like Sony has over the past 13+ years.

And I don't know why you don't think that the PS3 will never be able to become mainstream like the PS2 because as the PS3's price drops, it will become more mainstream, and the PS3 isn't going anywhere for the next 7 years at least, so I don't see how the PS3 can't become mainstream because it will.

Microsoft is going to need more than a low price and Gears and Halo to beat the PS3 this generation because once the PS3 hits $299, the gap between the PS3 and 360 will begin to close VERY rapidly.

With Final Fantasy XIII coming next year in Japan, White Knight Chronicles coming late this year, and FF Advent Children PS3 bundles coming March 2009 in Japan, PS3 sales in Japan are already poised to EXPLODE over there.

The PS3 is already outselling the Xbox 360 overrall in Europe, and Gran Turismo 5 is going to be a huge system seller over there next year.

Sony basically has Europe and Japan on lock, and the only thing they need to focus on now is North America.

Also, you have to realize that Sony has just touched just a FEW of thier main catalog games, while on the other hand Microsoft has pretty much already released their best and main catalog games already. Microsoft sure had better have some new IP's up their sleeves or something.

Sony still has plenty of their main catalog games that they haven't even got to yet with for the PS3 (Jak and Daxter, God of War 3, GT5 (full version), Dark Cloud 3, new Team ICO game etc...). This console war is far from over.

Death3632d ago

These are from September 2002. The PS2 launched at the end of October 2000.


Kratos Spartan3632d ago

thanks I was too lazy to look for it myself

ReBurn3632d ago

Death, as always you are the voice of reason and sanity. Not as if you need them, but bubbles for you all the same.

witchking3632d ago

You guys are a riot. "X360 is dead in Japan." Like, duh. X360 was dead in Japan before it even launched. Anything the 360 gets in Japan is gravy, and of course PS3 outsold it last week 6:1 and will do so again this week. But on 11/20 The Last Remnant is coming out in Japan, exclusively -- for a short time -- to the 360, with an exclusive 360 bundle for the game. Gee, why isn't anyone buying the 360 in Japan the last couple of weeks? Because they're waiting for this to come out!!!

And in case you haven't noticed, there's this global economic meltdown occurring, with people taking their kids out of day care and layoffs left and right. So which console, do you think, people are going to buy more of this holiday season? The one that costs $200 or the one that costs $400? Early NPD results show that October in the US has the 360 outselling the PS3 by ~90k units. GoW2 is going to widen that margin in November, and frankly, until the economy turns around or Sony prices the PS3 more competitively, the 360 is going to stay ahead. They are up by more than 6 million units right now. The PS3, if they catch the 360, is going to take several years to do it.

GrandTheftZamboni3632d ago

PS2 - 140 million / PS3 16.84 million (2 years on market)
16.84 million (2 years on market) = 8.42 Million / Year

Xbox - 24 million / Xbox 360 - 22 million (3 years on market)
22 million (3 years on market) = 7.33 Million / Year

So, PS3 DOES sell better than XBox360? There are still people claiming the XBox is selling better...

himdeel3632d ago

...but whatever this was about the PS3 and following up to comments about PS3 being the next Xbox.

Death3632d ago

The Wii is selling 17 million a year and the PS2 was averaging 20 million a year. The PS3 is selling about 1 million more units a year on average than Xbox 360 so far, but they are selling 12 million a year less than they did last generation. This is why people see Sony as doing less favorably. Sure, they are on par or doing slightly better than the Xbox 360, but when you compare each company to it's previous marketshare the PS3 is doing very poorly.

To be fair, we don't know what Sony actually expected to sell at the price point they launched. I believe the PS3 was fighting 2 battles at launch. They won the next gen format war against HD-DVD, but they are losing marketshare in the gaming division pretty rapidly. At the same time Sony is selling more HDTV's which I am sure is a result of the Blu-Ray victory and PS3 sales. I am sure the investors wanted the PS3 to dominate in sales like it did the last two generations, but at the price point the PS3 launched they had to know this wasn't going to happen anytime soon. Only time will tell if Ken Kutaragi was a genius or a lunatic.

I personally believe the PS3 should have shipped before the Xbox 360 and without Blu-Ray. This would have given them a time advantage and a much lower retail price at launch. This would have also made the system easier and cheaper to program for which would have given them more third party support. It is without question that a larger storage format will be needed as technology advances, but the way it is looking the PS3 is taking the lumps while the next generation which isn't that far away will benefit from it. From a technological standpoint the PS3 will still be very relevant when the next generation rolls out, but I am not so sure it will still be marketable. With the way sales are going, the PS4 will come out sooner rather than later and will have minor upgrades from the PS3. I suspect it will be very similar on the inside but with more system memory and full backward compatibility with the PS3. I would expect it to launch for a very aggressive $299.


Marceles3631d ago

I think they planned to ship PS3 before the 360 before the whole Blu-Ray laser issue, but I don't know what they would've done if they shipped it without. I don't think they would've liked or ever would plan to make a Blu-ray addon. Also with Blu-ray, the adoption is slowly coming along...I think the jump from VCR to DVD was bigger than DVD to Blu-ray, so there's also people that are still happy with DVD quality. I guess they could've gone the way PS2 did at the beginning: putting games on CD and later on DVD, but I really don't think it would've been wise to ship it without Blu-ray since that's been a big factor on why people are buying it.

Also with the marketing, I agree that it's not there also...the difference between PS2 and PS3's marketing is huge. I think I still see more PS2 and PSP marketing now than PS3. Average people also have it in their heads that PS3 games are still the same games that were out during launch time. Sony is down by their standards, but they aren't down as bad as MS and Nintendo was during last gen. Marketing, a couple of big moves, a few without-a-doubt epic games, and some freakin help from the media that's been hating Sony since launch and they'll start climbing at a fast rate.

himdeel3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

...particularly at the $299 price point it would place SONY in a very unique and interesting position. One the developers will be very familiar with the system architecture, two there will be plenty of games, and three this would allow people a next gen system with lots of variability with the PS3 and at a lower price point.

Merritt3631d ago


Please post a link to the supposed ages of who buys what system. I know many many people my age that have a 360, 34. From the looks of the comments on here between the two systems, the PS3 seems to retain the teenage boy factor quite well.

The Wii isn't even a question...

elorm93631d ago

Especially if they add an upgraded cell processor like rumors suggest. It'll make PS3 BC easier on the PS4 and since developers will be familiar with the tech, we'll even see titles bigger than ever before.

SonyOwnsNextYear3631d ago

hmmmm............i see a more expensive hd console outselling a cheaper console.

there is no stopping the events in motion. less than a year....

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eagle213632d ago

Sony understands the game market better than anyone. In the end, they always win. I don't even have to explain why at this point. Just pay close attention to the next four years.

The Matrix3632d ago

I'm a Sony fan and I'm about to buy a 360 for gears 2. If a Sony-almost-fanboy will buy a 360 then I'm surprised Gears 2 isn't being a big system seller.

she00win993632d ago

the xbots is going to hate this article...

ultimolu3632d ago

...I know.
*drags you away from the incoming stampede*

CliffyBee3632d ago

The PS3 is the future.

The XBOX2 is a flop flop flop.

GeOW2 - Flop
Halo 3 - Flop



sephy 9 2 53632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

I'm not so sure the gap is closing in on zero. Despite how well the PS3 has sold this year in the PAL/US, the 360 has performed slightly better (YoY) in these regions also. Based off of NPD there wasn't any real separation between PS3 sales and 360 sales month to month in the US except MGS4 month and it will be close by the end of the holiday season due to GoW2/price cut.

In addition, you have Japan where the PS3 is doing worse than last year. (Ahead of the 360 despite this) So the lead hasn't really changed much. Its still 5-6 million.

Jager3632d ago

Except for the fact that when the PS3 launched, the 360 already had 10 million consoles sold. the numbers now stand at 22mil for the 360, and 17 mill for the PS3, so that 10 million gap has been closed down to 5 million. And with Killzone 2, GT5, GoW3, and MAG all coming out next year, i wouldnt be surprised if the gap closes more... or even comes to where the PS3 gets ahead.

SL1M DADDY3632d ago

The amazing aspect of this all as well is how the PS3 is twice the price of the 360 and it is still shortening the gap between the two in total hardware sold. Crazy stuff but so many underestimated the power of brand recognition. Heck, most of the folks in Japan don't even know what the Xbox is and some have said they thought it was something to do with Windows.

bigmoney6173632d ago

that becauses the ps3 doubles as a bluray player...

i bet you at least 4 million of those sales are used for justhome theater, and i cant say the same for the xbox 360

SL1M DADDY3632d ago

I don't doubt that at all although I would say that despite that there are two factors to think about. One, companies like EA and Ubisoft, two of the largest game companies report that the biggest sales for their titles happen to come from the PS3 sales so it says something about the gamers that buy the PS3 and the near 6 to 1 tie in ratio the console has. Second, even if it is being bought for the sole purpose of playing movies... It's still a sale and a potential source for money in game purchases. Better that a consumer have one and become a potential game buyer than for a consumer to just buy a stand alone BD player and never plan to buy a game.

Captain_Sony3632d ago

EA makes more money on 360. You're going off a chart that didnt inlcude total 360 sales. Go look at the most recent and you'll see that EA makes more on 360. THQ makes more on Wii and DS then all Sony platforms combined. Fact is that all the articles coming out saying PS3 is doing good in sales are also spinning their information to get those results. IN fact the last article to do so presented japans sales only as world wide sales. I know there will be many disagrees but not one bit of proof can be shown that I am wrong.PS3 has 3/4 the install base of 360 yet every month can only manage 40-50% of the software sales of 360.

Death3632d ago

You need to think about your statement about the Xbox 360 costing half and the PS3 still gaining sales. First off, the price cut for the 360 is still relatively new. Since the cut, the PS3 has not been "gaining". Second, the Xbox 360 Elite costs the same as the PS3. The Xbox 360 Pro is $100 less and the Xbox 360 Arcade costs half as much as the PS3. Neither you nor I know what the percentage of sales each SKU has, but if you average them out the Xbox 360 costs 25% less than the PS3. What is more impressive is Nintendo and Microsoft each held roughly 12% of the market coming into this generation and both are ahead of Sony half way through this generation.


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eagle213632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Goodbye Microsoft, thanks for bench warming. ;)