Wonderwallweb test Sony Customer Services, with poor results

Quote from site:

"Now something struck me as a bit odd in this whole situation, why promise me a console on a certain date if they have none in? Have they given it to someone else? Are there so many PS3 machines breaking down that they can't keep up with demand?"

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Vip3r3656d ago

Seriously wotta, I really wouldn't worry too much about this. I got a phone call today saying I'll be getting my 60GB replaced on the 24th because they don't have any other 60GB at their repair centre.

But I still chuffed that they're giving me a replacement even though my warrenty has expired.

wotta3656d ago

Quote from my conversation:

Me "Im very unhappy about this and I want to complain, what is your complaints procedure so I can take this further."

Sony "Sorry sir I dont have a clue".

Oh dear.

PirateThom3656d ago

That sounds like an idiot employee rather than Sony's poor customer service. I would have asked to speak to the rep's manager and informed them that they rep doesn't know standard proceedure.

wotta3656d ago

Speak to a supervisor and when I asked about the complaints procedure and told him I want to complain I was then fobbed off and told I would have to wait until I was called back.

Pretty bad.

Karum3656d ago

I've worked in call centres as team leader etc. and that kind of response isn't surprising tbh. A lot of people get very defensive and want to avoid complaints being made in case they are included in the complaint. It's basically just human nature although it doesn't help anyone in the long run.

The responsability falls on Sony and/or the company they use to outsource their customer support teams to screen calls and maintain standards better which was something I tried to actively keep an eye on and improve on during my time in that kind of role.

Now personally I've only ever had to call Sony's customer service twice which was within the last week. My PS3 was intermittently freezing up then refusing to read discs, they told me to do a system restore in case there were some corrupted files or w/e on the machine and if the problem was still there then get back in touch with them ASAP.

Problem continued, got worse so I called back up and described the problem and what action had already been taken. My PS3 is out of warranty but the rep said they'd replace my PS3 FOC anyway but that it would take like a week to do so. Now whilst I think that time frame is a little bit too long I'm not gonna whine about it because I'm getting a free replacement outside of warranty.

My experience so far with Sony's customer service has been good and as long as they deliver my new PS3 on the day they said they would then it shall remain a positive experience, not just because the outcome was favourable but because of how the reps handled the calls too.

If they mess up the delivery then we'll have a problem cuz I gotta take time off to be home to accept delivery and hand over the busted unit.