Why Don’t Video Game Movies Work Out So Well?

There’s an ongoing curse that has been in Hollywood for decades now. For some bizarre reason, a movie studio will obtain the rights of a video game franchise to try and turn it into a movie. In most situations, it then takes years and years before the movie even makes it to the script writing stage, where if it’s very lucky, it then gets a director attached to it and things can finally start rolling. But then the movie comes out, the reviews release and it more often than not bombs at the box office. So how is it these multi-million dollar video game franchises fail all too often at the box office? Well there’s actually multiple potential reasons why.

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darthv7240d ago

It can be summed up rather simply as... time constraints. Movies have to come in at a certain length (on average of 2 hours +/-) while games exceed that by a considerable amount. Now if a company wanted to take a game and break it down into multiple movies then I could see that happen in order to maintain the nature and context of the source material.

Fist4achin40d ago

The movie industry stopped caring about quality a long time ago. I remember movies didn't release weekly and the overall production took longer. Now they are pumped out so quickly that they for the most part stink.

Retroman40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

"Why video games movie's fail"

Simple......most average movie goer don't know the game. and second producer do not use source material what made the game the game we like.
it always turn out Garbage.
that's why video game movie's fail.
same principal for action movies and superhero movies. Example : Spiderman Homecoming was Garbage.

Elda39d ago

Usually the story doesn't match the original in game story along with bad direction & a tired production.