Called Back to Duty: Treyarch on Iterating on Success

Gamasutra: "How do you follow up one of the most successful video games of this generation -- a mere year later, when it's still selling for full price? Senior producer Noah R. Heller is confident that Treyarch's latest iteration of the Infinity Ward-originated Call of Duty series, World at War, is up to the task.

Here, Heller discusses the technical and gameplay innovations that drove the development of the game at the Activision-owned Treyarch, which previously created Call Of Duty 3 and has just completed Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows and Quantum Of Solace, the latter of which also uses Infinity Ward's engine."

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socalr63654d ago

If it uses the COD4 engine it can't be that bad? Hmm maybe deserves at least a rent.

PS360PCROCKS3654d ago

this is call of duty world at war bud.

PS360PCROCKS3654d ago

Uh-oh more angry rants from IW?