The Developers Of Ys Are The Unsung Heroes Of JRPGs

Not western gamers know the Ys series, but if not for Nihon Falcom, gamers wouldn't have any of the JRPGS they know and love.

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isarai44d ago

They really REALLY are, nerver have i ever played a game with such a satisfying gameplay loop that stays just as satisfying from hour one to 100+ hrs in. Friggin love this series.

KeenBean34544d ago

I've only played Ys 8 but that is all I need to play to know they are incredibly talented. Definitely picking up 9 :)

awdevoftw44d ago

Love the series. Have a good collection on my vita.

NukeDaHippies44d ago

I wasn't all that into YS. But the trails series is something special and should be cherished.