Nintendo are the best games company and they always will be

Impressed by the recent Nintendo Direct, a reader explains why he’s such a fan of Nintendo and tries to explain the secret of their success.

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EddieNX 744d ago

Anyone who thinks Nintendo aren't the best games company ever is delusional and wrong.

fonger08744d ago

I think the word “ever” is a little hyperbole, as it’s all subjective. But they definitely have been consistent through their years as a video game company, especially if you like their kind of games. But Sony is definitely up their now, especially with their 1st party efforts over the past decade or so. Microsoft has been hit or miss, hopefully with the developers they now have, they can become a little more consistent with their 1st party output

EddieNX 744d ago

Nintendos portfolio of games through the years dwarfs everyone else's in terms of volume and quality.

They are easily number 1.

ABizzel1743d ago

And for someone who doesn't like a single one of their games or never had an interest in owning one of their consoles, how does this statement hold any truth?

Now statically speaking they could be the number one studio in volume, but quality even that's debatable because again quality is a personal preference (unless you specify review scores).

septemberindecember743d ago


Im sorry, but I think youre simply lying if there isnt a single Nintendo game you’ve ever liked. You dont have to think they are the best, but after over 35 years there isnt a single game? Really?

roadkillers743d ago

I think that Nintendo is the Disney of video games.

Imalwaysright743d ago


Of the top 50 best selling games of all time, 23 were developed/published by Nintendo. If we look at the top 50 highest reviewed games on Metacritic Nintendo is also the publisher with the most games in the list with 12 games total, 4 of them in the top 10 and as everyone knows Ocarina of Time is the highest rated game of all time. Anyone can say that Nintendo isn't the best publisher in this industry because it's something that is fundamentally subjective however what isn't subjective is that Nintendo is commercially and critically the most successful publisher in the industry.

The Wood743d ago (Edited 743d ago )

Sony grew with my gaming needs. Nintendo satisfies my nostalgia. I can now survive without Nintendo games but I can't say that about Sony games. I have both consoles. I like how different their libraries are.

umair_s51743d ago

Number 1 is very subjective. I love Nintendo ips, but I also like Sony and Microsoft ips. I don't feel the need to compare companies or games to one another. I love them all. That's what makes my hobby of gaming so special

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mikeslemonade743d ago

Nintendo games are graded on a lower standard. They’re last gen so you must deduct 4-6 points from the inflated metacritic score.

bouzebbal743d ago

Nintendo are masters of gameplay and fun factor..
Being a long time fan, I still believe they need to reinvent their series, or dare to take more risks.. Mario Kart recipe is the same for the past 20years.
I encourage them to give us more IPs gems like Splatoon

indysurfn743d ago

Wow people here are making me ashamed to be a playstation promoter. Give credit where it is due. Then buy PS5! (and a switch to go with it). You will not be sorry.

ABizzel1743d ago


I didn't say I didn't like Nintendo, but there's an entire generation of kids who grew up on Xbox and western games who are now teenagers, and I have personally seen them not care about anything Nintendo has to offer, because they think of it as kiddie games.

So for them, Nintendo would never be on their top 10, and it doesn't invalidate their preference for other platforms or other developers / publishers.

septemberindecember742d ago (Edited 742d ago )


Then what you are talking about are people who haven't played or don't show an interest Nintendo games, not those who don't like a single one. There is a difference between seeing Nintendo's catalog and not being interested and playing their catalog and not liking a single game.

Also, yeah it doesn't invalidate anything. I never said anything of the sort. But the opinions of the individuals you are talking about also doesn't invalidate the opinion of the author, right?

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Elda743d ago

The best "ever" is definitely subjective including it definitely being one's opinion.

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georeo743d ago

Here goes Eddie, the super fan boy who's the first one to comment on anything Nintendo. Do you eat, breath everything Nintendo?

EddieNX 743d ago (Edited 743d ago )

Here goes georeo butthurt with his off topic attack comment.
I strongly believe what I'm saying here is 100% true, dont like it then argue against or just simply go away.

Nintendo is the best company in gaming by far and that probably explains why they have so many passionate fans.
Nintendos exclusive game sales absolutely stomp Sonys on the ps4 with less than half the installed base.

Brave_Losers_Unite743d ago

Eddie is the type of guy that will take a bullet for Nintendo. Pure cringe followed by stupidity

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UltraNova743d ago (Edited 743d ago )


Its quite evident your [true] issue here is with Sony and their fans, not with people who responded to Eddie.

No matter how much I believe that anyone is entitled to their opinion, I would never get behind a guy who says this:

"Anyone who thinks Nintendo aren't the best games company ever is delusional and wrong."

Delusional and wrong...for not agreeing with him. Or maybe you do agree with him...

You might wanna pick sides better next time.

The Wood742d ago

Lol. You got him there ultra. . Dude just needed to be honest because he's done as crap job of masking his disdain for Sony fans. If he agrees with that statement then fair enough but to question why anyone would ridicule such 'matter of fact' statement is very indicative of said disdain

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rainslacker743d ago

I worry more about those who think that anyone with a differing opinion than their own is delusional and wrong.

But, to each their own. To me, NEC will always be the best, followed by Sony, followed by Sega who unfortunately fell from grace. NIntendo is great, but they went from being a company with a broad portfolio, to spending 2 decades rehashing the same franchises and being all over the place trying to find their niche, to finally coming back to making more diverse games....most of which still only cater to those who like particular styles of games(anime or nintnedo staples), or casuals.

UhOh743d ago

Yeah but, were talking about hard numbers. Consoles, Sony wins hands down, my vote Sony wins hands down, but sales, reviews, fans when all combined Nintendo wins hands down. In fact if Nintendo were not so stubborn an old fashioned, they would still be number one arguably in all categories. I am a sega boy myself but, you can't really argue what Imalwaysright said and be facts based.

rainslacker743d ago

I was replying to Eddie, not iamalways right. I replied to him elsewhere in the thread. But, Eddie didn't posit any kind of sales metrics, just a hyperbolic statement about how they were the best, and anyone who disagrees is delusional.

Otherwise, using fan reception as a metric is not really a measure of facts, and sales can easily be made to suit whatever criteria the person arguing wants to make relevant.

There isn't anything wrong with Nintendo, but being the best is purely subjective. Case in point. No one in this thread is even bothering to say MS is the best. But, there will be people on this site who think MS is the best. It's fair if they think that. Just not fair to say others are delusional because they think otherwise.

UhOh737d ago

I did not realize you responded. My bad but, are you really trying to say you don't know whose first party games consistently sale the most. For your information the facts for the fan metrics are purchases and reviews if that was too hard to understand. And as far as the best then as long as you admit that Sony being the best is merely opinion than enough said.

UhOh737d ago

But, since you were replying to eddie. Roger that. Although, the point is that Imalwaysright was supporting EddieNXs initial statement since he is in that comment blockchain.

UhOh737d ago

Finally, you can't discount other relevant facts from other comments in the thread as if they don't exist. Otherwise that is trolling a troll since what he said is silly imo and is not valid itself. And as far as ad hominems and other example of agendas and proganda's they are not dealing with this very small thread. Not that it does not happen but, it is not relevant here. Every metric that Imalwaysright pointed out is fact.

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mrmikew2018743d ago (Edited 743d ago )

I think Nintendo is a “great” games company, not the best.......that’s reaching.

The delusional media and especially the Nintendo fanboys think everything made by Nintendo is God sent.

It’s all subjective.

jeremyj2913743d ago

Technically nothing is made by Nintendo. Blew my mind to find out they don't any of the studios they work with most.

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MasterCornholio743d ago (Edited 743d ago )

For me Nintendo and Sony are about the same. Both make really great games and consoles in my opinion. And my opinion is just as valid as yours since I game on all platforms.

Teflon02743d ago

They'd have always been on top if they were the best. Nintendo can't even reasonably price things to benefit customers. Selling Tropical Freeze for $10 more than it's initial release like 3 or more years later with the addition of a very easy mode character is the kind of reason I can't say that. They do nothing to benefit the consumers and the best company would do alot more for the players than nintendo does. New super mario bros u deluxe was a laugh of a price. When even activision prices games like Crash and spyro trilogy are priced low and people would have easily payed full price but nintendo can't price the ports accordingly. Nope. You're delusional. They make great games overall. But 1, they've been getting BS praise this gen and people won't be real with the way they've been. You release switch with no features, the thing can't message ppl. It has no where near the amount of features PS Vita has or had at launch. They're making you pay for a service worse than the wiiu service lol. Don't come with NES and SNES games because SNES just came and nes just no. That's a bad incentive when you realize they're not releasing virtual console to create an incentive to pay for online. That's messed up because one thing I wanted switch for was those releases. I was hoping for stuff like Diddy Kong racing and such on the go. The switch, everything is overpriced... BotW, people just ignored all the issues for it because it's nintendo and zelda. That game had some serious issues on release and it wasn't until DF exposed it that people really started saying anything. The Weapon durability is the worse I've seen in all the games with it that I've played. Mario Odyssey praise died quick like it goes with mario but will always be rated 10s despite the game being a mess of a collectathon.
Until people keep it real with nintendo they'll never be the best. They're a contender in my books. BUT until people are real with them and start criticizing them PROPERLY they'll never get there. IMO
These are my issues. Tell me that's delusional and see who's really delusional

AnubisG743d ago

You're a hardcore Nintendo fan aren't you?

There would be nothing wrong with that if you didn't call everyone else delusional and wrong who does not share your belifes. You know, this kind of thinking is not healthy.

-Foxtrot743d ago


We could let this go but we know what he's like if anyone disagrees

derek743d ago (Edited 743d ago )

They're not. Nintendo has been rehashing the same games over and over again for decades.

Dude Dutch743d ago

You said it, I was thinking the same

Kumakai743d ago (Edited 743d ago )

I think Nintendo is great for kids. They aren’t great for me: a married adult male w/ no kids who prefers mature high end experiences for my high end gear. I will always defer to Sony and MS until Nintendo makes a real console with games beyond cartoon exclusives and lowest quality multi platform ports. No thx.

And Nintendo does have a great, successful portfolio... mostly for kids. There’s no powerful story telling like Days Gone, or adult themed games that are culturally themed on the issues of today like Detroit: Become Human. There’s no realistic racing simulator like Forza. They’re the best at one thing.

phatak743d ago (Edited 743d ago )

you took the words out of my mouth, Damn metacritic is not everything lol, as an older gamer that owns all the consoles, I do certainly prefer a realistic look to my games, like you mentioned detroid and days gone, those games are 75+ metacritic but I would still much rather play them over something like zelda with a 97+ score. Damn rockstars table tennis for xbox 360 had a 85 or something metacritic so know does that make it a better game than something like detroit and days gone that actually made be feel something lol rather than a table tennis simulator. I love ratchet and clank for example for ps4 but if every single sony game had the ratchet and clank artstyle and childlike storytelling , then games would not have the variety that the current crop of sony exclusives have, and I actually own the switch as well, but definitely prefer sony's variety of games .

UltraNova743d ago

Exactly. I grew up with Nintendo, hell my all time favorite console is the N64...but no Nintendo might be the best on paper but for me and many others has fallen from grace. They refused to grow with us, the very people who helped them be what they are today. They failed to produce hardware and gaming experiences we needed as we grew up. As if making proper next gen hardware to allow full quality 3rd party games while still producing and rehashing the same 3-4 staple IPs they have was an issue. No they had to drive us away. No more Nintendo its been fun, 20 years ago.

ABizzel1743d ago

Facts vs Opinions. Saying Nintendo is the best games company is an opinion, and one millions don't share.

Saying Nintendo is one of the best games companies is a more popular opinion, but still an opinion and one millions of gamers don't share.

The same can be said for any company in the industry.

Jin_Sakai743d ago

Nintendo are great but Sony and PlayStation are the best games company.

NarutoFox743d ago (Edited 743d ago )

"They are easily number 1."

If that's true. We definitely know who number 2 is. Number 3 is a failure

Larrysweet743d ago

Thatd be sony nintendoe blows

743d ago
Ausbo743d ago

They also waste their talent on nonsense fitness games and gimmicky games.

Zelda is the most overrated franchise in history. Dull characters and nonexistent story.

They continue to milk franchises that should be dead.

Mr_Writer85743d ago (Edited 743d ago )


4 of the top 5 best selling home consoles of all time belong to Sony. In fact even their worst performing home console outsold all but 1 Nintendo home console.

That's a fact you can't argue with.

Also whilst the likes of Mario and Zelda outsell Sony exclusives, games like DK, Metroid, Kirby etc don't.

PS4 owners have vast amounts of choice and since 3rd party games on PS4 vastly outweighs Switch, it calls to reason that Switch owners buy exclusives more.

Also if you're looking at "best" then I simply point to their contempt for their fans (YouTube programme) and the laughing stock that is Nintendo online.

Then we look at their digital prices and their total lack of sales of their own games, and whilst Nintendo are certainly not evil.

To claim they're the best, is simpy an opinion and not a fact.

babadivad743d ago

Smash and Zelda are the only Nintendo games that interest me. You can't be the best with only two games in my eyes. And BoTW wasn't even that good IMHO. It wasn't bad but it was over rated.

-Foxtrot743d ago (Edited 743d ago )

I mean you're fanboy shit has always been a huge deal on here but this comment really takes you to the highest point

Nintendo can't do anything wrong in your eyes can they? Anyone that does say something is a "hater", a "troll" or a "fanboy" of another company/console. Oh wait what was the other excuse again? OH YEAH people have "never played it" or "are lying about owning a Nintendo console"

Smitty2020743d ago

I think u need to give your head a shake

Last_Boss743d ago

Nitendo doesn't have Guardian Heroes, Yakuza, Shenmue, Virtue Fighter, Shinobi, Streets of Rage. I love Nintendo, but SEGA has always been about making new material no matter what.

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neutralgamer1992743d ago

N64 failure
GameCube failure
Wiiu failure

Wii success without getting much 3rd party support and now switch is the first console since SNES to get 3rd party support

Ps1 over one hundred million
Ps2 over 150 million
Ps3 85-90 million
Ps4 over 100 million

So the failure which Sony had(PS3) to many even though selling 85-90 million can't be a failure still sold more than N64-gamecube and wiiu combined

Yet Nintendo is the best? What has Nintendo done to move this industry forward? Atleast Sony and ms are doing stuff to move tech forward switch is still an overpowered ps3 - Xbox 360

Nintendo consoles are reviewed differently and so are their games. ZBOTW is no wear near the game it is yet media praised it to the moon and back

Sirk7x743d ago (Edited 743d ago )

I love Nintendo, but we're talking about opinions. Just like there's no objective "greatest game ever made". People play different genres of games for different reasons, same as how people read different types of books. Nintendo is quality, for sure, but there are other amazing studios and game companies as well.

743d ago
ShadowWolf712743d ago

Eddie, you're really not in a position to call others delusional OR wrong.

DarXyde743d ago

Nintendo is a great gaming company, but you can keep your arrogance.

I've never felt that you were open minded, so thank you. Comments like this are validating.

KTF26743d ago

Says someone who didn't touch any game from other companies

Nu743d ago

Nintendo online infrastructure is one of the worst

generic-user-name743d ago

Sorry, I like my games to tell an engaging story. Rescuing the princess once again with no voice acting was getting old 20 years ago.

Nintendo are definitely the best children's games company.

Indigon743d ago

Depends. I like games with a great storyline and this pretty much makes Nintendo not for me.

Knushwood Butt743d ago

Each to their own but I'm just glad there are alternatives to what Nintendo offers.

I've just come off time attacks at Nurburgring in a BMW with my dedicated seat and wheel. What does Nintendo have to offer in competition?

Nothing remotely close.

Lmcreach743d ago (Edited 743d ago )

They ruined mario party and force me to buy new joycons just to play it w friends, who are they? 2ksports? 😂

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Elda743d ago

In the NES & SNES days I would have agreed to that but now I have to disagree. Nintendo being the best & they'll always be is definitely subjective & one's opinion.

Born2Game83743d ago

I would say in the handheld space. They are the best till date.

monkey602743d ago

Nintendos game library is accessible for everyone in that their age rating and family orientation are broad. However their mature content leaves a lot to be desired.

I couldn't ever see myself with a Nintendo console as my primary or only platform. While i love my Switch, Nintendo has so much to catch up on with the Industry it's crazy. Basic features are still non existent when it comes to Nintendo. Their online infrastructure is a joke.

The Wii was a casual dream. It sold insane amounts so quickly but their lack of 3rd party support and long vacant periods between 1st party releases meant the console died out and is not that fondly remembered only a few short years later.

We don't even need to mention the WiiU

In short Nintendo don't tick all the boxes when it comes to a console, Just the ones they do tick they do so greatly

fonger08743d ago

To your point though, I think that’s why we’ve been living in such a gamers dream. Nintendo appears to those who want their platformer/adventure fix, Sony appeals mostly for those who want their narrative 3rd person action/rpg fix, and Microsoft has their racing and sometimes good action game niche. I think anyone can find something they prefer across three great (console) platforms.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash743d ago

You don't have to include Microsoft. IMO Gran Turismo is way better than Forza.

rainslacker743d ago

I'd argue that Nintendo consoles are about the only console which doesn't provide every kind of game for every taste in gaming. The only thing that is really lacking from the other consoles is Nintendo published games, and for MS part, a bunch of those niche Japanese games. Otherwise, Sony and MS tend to get most of the same games, as well as many games that go to Nintendo consoles, while Nintendo does not get many of the games that go to PS or Xbox. Broadly speaking when you look at the entire available catalog and including 3rd parties.

BulletClub743d ago

The article states "GAMES" not features that not everybody cares about. Clearly, Nintendo has been doing this for longer than everyone, and now shattering their own records with Switch by just making a GAMES machine with quality exclusive software.

monkey602743d ago

Yeah because online lobbies, in game chat and mature content clearly have no influence on a game!