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Games Asylum: "The PSone era was packed with great RPGs*. The Final Fantasy games, which have never matched their PSone peak, Vagrant Story, Crono Cross, Xenogears and more. Wonderful stories bursting with imagination. It’s a joy, then, to see so many of them landing on modern consoles. A joy and a considerable time sink. The latest to make the jump are Grandia and Grandia II. It’s time to see if our rose-tinted glasses have fooled us once again."

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babadivad36d ago

Grandia II is a MUST for anyone who loves great story telling. It also has a flexible combat system. It's absolutely fantastic and one of my favorite games of all time.

Unfortunately the PS2 port was inferior to the Dreamcast version in every way. Hopefully they used the DC version for this release.

killswitch8036d ago

yup I had Grandia 2 on DC and it was amazing for the time. I would like to see a full on remake at this point though. It deserves more recognition