We Need More Lovecraftian Influences in Games

Lovecraftian horror is a genre sorely lacking in today's games. Thankfully, a few developers have tackled the fiction of Lovecraft to great success.

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phoenixwing37d ago

not really my cup of tea. bunch of fish people isn't interesting to me. much rather think farther outside of the box and more into fantasy.

MrChow66637d ago

Cthullu mythos have a lot more going for them than just fish people, there's a whole host of ancient gods and alien creatures .

ShinnokDrako37d ago

Probably you've never heard or read about the Outer World, the deformed demons and all the Chtulhu myth. There are so many things about all of that, sadly they never made a good game about it (or a good movie). And never heard about the Necronomicon?
But i admit that Lovecraft isn't for everyone.

Eidolon37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Bloodborne was awesome. I love the darker and more Lovecraftian theme there(than other souls games). I would say thats what made it a much more enjoyable experience than Dark Souls 3 for me.

Smokehouse37d ago

I recently played call of Cthulhu and sinking city and both were pretty good. The mythos is pretty awesome and I would like to see a game on a grander scale with the ancient ones and such. The different godlike beings are what I find interesting.

Dspdspes37d ago

I would kill for a Titus Crow based game. So much possibilities....