Someone is working on a native PC version of Super Mario 64, first tech video released

Super Mario 64 never came out on the PC, however, that's about to change as someone is currently working on a native PC version of this N64 game.

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Bismarn16d ago

...or you could just play it on Project64 the N64 emulator for PC that's been around for two decades.


Shh don't tell the idiots lol

16d ago
bluebenjamin16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

I mean foreal I clicked on this thinking im about to see a remake lol it looks like project64 without the cheats yeah I turn them on so I can choose any level 😆 don’t turn me in yet Nintendo is Vicious on emulation

ButtAnihilator15d ago

I don't get it either. There are already hacked roms of the game that run at 60fps. What would the benefit of playing it natively be when you can play it perfectly on PJ64, at any resolution and with any input you want?

DeadManMMX16d ago

So stupid to announce this stuff early. You want acclaim but all you wind up with is a cease and desist.

Kingdroopy201816d ago

Exactly I dont get this! Its like The Fallout 3 remaster mod conversion

Kingdroopy201816d ago

Why show it off so early??? Nintendo will shut the project down I can guarantee this. If the creators would of just waited until the game was done and uploaded to the net there's nothing Nintendo could do about it spreading around.

AnubisG16d ago

Nintendo will shot this down in a heartbeat.

dangerousbrian015d ago

Why show this at this early stage knowing full well what nintendo is like with taking down fan projects of their IPs just do what you have to do in silence finish it then post a video of the finished project with the link at the end of where you can download it for free.