GoldenEye 007 Accidentally Revolutionised Video Games Thanks To 9 Clueless Guys

Games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and basically every shooter post 1997 owe its existence to Nintendo's accidental James Bond masterpiece: GoldenEye 007.

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Nacho_Z543d ago

That's interesting, I always assumed it'd been made by a team with a lot of experience. I remember a big deal being made at the time about them using photos of real people's faces for in game characters, was that another innovation of theirs? Seem to recall that their gardener was in there.

3-4-5540d ago

The multiplayer portion, which is responsible for the popularity of the FPS as we know it, was created by one person in the last 2-3 weeks of development.

In 2-3 weeks that one man revolutionized gaming without even knowing it.

GtPawnSacrifices542d ago

Nintendo also wanted Rare to include an additional level (after the credits) where you walked through a hospital and shook hands with everyone you shot.
(Rare chose not to take the suggestion on.)

FlyingFoxy542d ago

That was Miyamoto, he didn't want it to look as if you actually killed everyone.

Minute Man 721542d ago

Such good times playing "Licenses to Kill"

TheColbertinator542d ago (Edited 542d ago )

One of my favorite Multiplayer games of all time

harmny541d ago (Edited 541d ago )

Kojima: even I don't understand death stranding 100% yet because everything is new. I want to create a new gender. Something that doesn't exist.

N4g: Kojima you suck. You're crazy. How come you don't know what your game is.

Article: GoldenEye was made by 9 clueless guys that created something that didn't exist


Lord_Sloth541d ago

The difference is Kojima seems like a guy who's high on his own image whereas Goldeneye was an experiment by rookies. Plus Goldeneye is out and was great when it launched. Stranding isn't so it's still up in the air.

I love Metal Gear and ZoE but not necessarily Kojima. His humor is just not my thing and I don't get the feeling that Death Stranding will be anything special. I'll give it a shot but it isn't catching my eye.

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