The Composer of Kingdom Hearts Has Never Stopped Reinventing Herself

While much of Yoko Shimomura’s earlier work has become synonymous with the 16-bit era, the classical nature of her style has only become even more apparent as console technology has evolved. In 2002, after almost a decade of working alongside Shimomura, Squaresoft released the debut installment of Kingdom Hearts, which saw Shimomura taking the company’s flagship Final Fantasy series in a more theatrical direction befitting of its whimsical Disney backdrop.

Between Kingdom Hearts and her recently-helmed soundtrack for Final Fantasy XV, Shimomura’s work in the 21st century has taken on a more sentimental quality afforded by her newfound access to large orchestras. Compared to her earlier work, which was often defined by its eccentric complexity, Shimomura’s music has now come to be associated with a grandiosity straight out of Hollywood, fueled by big emotions and a regal sense of drama befitting of the huge theaters she now fills.

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elliselijah9245d ago

She was the apprentice of Nobuo Uematsu. What do you expect. She's reached the same levels as her master.

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Djinn45d ago

No wonder FFXV had shitty music.

45d ago