Hideki Kamiya: I Am Happy With How Astral Chain Is Selling

Today we have some interesting comments coming from PlatinumGames director Hideki Kamiya about Astral Chain sales.

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ZeekQuattro1781d ago

I'm happy as well. It means it has a better chance of getting sequels.

isarai1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

2nd game i bought for the switch despite not having one (yet). Daemon X Machina looks like its gonna be the 3rd

RpgSama1780d ago

Are you waiting for the eventual Switch Pro? Because by the time you buy Daemon X Machina that's $180 that could have gone to buy the actual console, $20 shy of a switch lite even.

isarai1780d ago

Theres no proof of a pro, Nintendo denies any plans for a pro, so not really. I just want the newer models whith the better battery life, if by the time i get the money together to buy it, they have a pro, sure ill get that instead but im not expecting it. And id rather get the games now even though i don't have the system, cause the games im getting are going to be hard to find later. Astral Chain is already out in the entire city i live in, closest copy now is 2.5hrs away, glad i got it now.

TheColbertinator1780d ago

I've done that too. Had a couple of Xbox One games two months before I bought one. Great way to make sure you have plenty to play when you have a new system.

blackblades1780d ago

You probably couldve gotten them cheaper

TheColbertinator1780d ago

@blackblades They were limited edition releases so I wanted to own them in case they ran out of unopened boxes. I tend to collect premium editions of certain games.

blackblades1780d ago

So you bought a game for a system you dont have? What!

isarai1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Yup, but i plan on getting one, and the only ones im grabbing are ones im pretty sure will be hard to track down in person later (really don't want to buy online if i can help it). I'm usually pretty good about predicting these and have already done the same several times for other systems.

rainslacker1780d ago

I did that last gen for some 360 games I wanted, but thought might be hard to find when I eventually got a 360. Most of them are actually worth more than what I pad for them now because they didn't make too many copies of them.

Segata1780d ago

I did this for a few systems. Shenmue II for Xbox. Ys for PSP.

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DaDrunkenJester1780d ago

I'll be buying and playing it after I have had my fill with Gears 5. Astral Chains looks amazing.

ChiefofLoliPolice1780d ago

Im playing it now. It really is. PG is a damn good studio. They have made some of my most favorite action games ever! Astral Chain so far is their best original work since Vanquish

Zeldafan641780d ago

I think it'll hit 3 million

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