Will the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett be the Last Traditional Consoles?

AB for SG: "I look at the future of cloud gaming and what it means for the generations of consoles after the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett."

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Apocalypse Shadow43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Not a bad first time out. But maybe add some off the cuff talking in the future. When someone is just reading, it's a turn off and makes me want to find the information you're reading on the teleprompter and just read it myself. There's no energy coming from the speaker.

Example: Switch what he's talking about to a medical video. Yeah. It's like that. Informative but dry. Games are entertaining. So, commentators should give off that feeling too.

Will there be a next gen after next that's coming up? Who knows. We could be in a world conflict or a recession or great depression. They're extreme. But it's a guess like knowing if hardware will still be sold. No one knows.

I don't like the DRM and not being able to play if you don't have an internet connection. And, asking me to buy full priced games when I can't physically own them or download them. I'm old school. That's ridiculous to me. If it's a flat fee a month to play like a flat fee a month to watch Netflix, then I could accept Streaming as an optional way to play. Other than that. Hell no! One more example:

I have PSVR and bought Firewall Zero Hour used for $17.99. It's hella fun. But, it REQUIRES an internet connection to play for ***single player*** training mode. I knew that going in and bought it almost a year after launch. The ONLY game that I have that does this. Lately, Cox Cable has been going out randomly because they are supposedly "upgrading." I was playing a mission and the internet goes out. Resulting in automatically being kicked out of the game. In ***singled player** training mode. Now, I can wait until the internet comes back or play an offline game that's digital or physical I OWN. When a game forces you to move on because you can't play it, then I don't want a streaming future at all as an option. Ever. I'll take hardware always. And, streaming requires hardware anyway. So, why not just stick with native hardware.

Porshapwr43d ago

Thank you for the thoughtful feedback.

Apocalypse Shadow42d ago

No problem. Like I said, not bad. Just maybe more "umph."

We're told Streaming is the future. But all I see is aggravation coming. When the internet goes out, no one will be able to play any games besides not owning games physically. That's not my future.

I mentioned Firewall even though it's not a Streaming game because it is a representation of what's to come. I own the game physically. But can't play it at all when the internet is down. That's not fun. Console gaming is about "pick up and play." No internet means no one plays.

Now, I like the idea. The tech behind Streaming. Maybe even VR will be streamed to headsets in the future at 5G at little to no latency. Some say like Ready Player One. But the consequences for the console industry can't be denied. No internet, no play.

So, I'm hoping hardware will still be sold all the way up to PlayStation 9. If you remember that. And games can still be played offline if you don't want to be "connected."

Minute Man 72141d ago

Nope, I'm not smelling the PS9

Fist4achin41d ago

Full agreement with you on our digital only future which seems to be getting closer with every generation.

mcstorm41d ago

For me I don't think it will be. I look at the pc world for my answer and this is the premium way to play gaming then the next step down is console (home) streaming for me sits after this. Its a way for gaming on a budget. Paying for a Netflix type subscription to play games on your TV, pc, chromcast and other types of devices will be the new way casual games go as for them it's not about how powerful a console ect is. It's about having the games they want.
fifa, cod, GTA ect.

What I see is both Microsoft and Sony supporting 2 consoles at a time (ps4 ps4 Pro xbox one xbox one X) and also offering the games on streaming to. Then when the next xbox and ps come out the ps4 and xbox one get dropped and they support the two new ones as well as the one x and 4 Pro as well as streaming to another low cost device.

Thing is no one knows how it will go eveyone was againt digital at the start of this gen and it had ended up going that way I do wonder if the next xbox and ps will go that way to.

Lord_Belasco41d ago

I haven’t owned a physical copy of a pc game for nearly a decade so I don’t see why not.

isarai41d ago

Not like you could if you wanted to, very rare for a physical PC game to even exist these days

rainslacker41d ago

I'm pretty sure you still own a physical PC though.

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The story is too old to be commented.