Circuit City files for bankruptcy protection

Circuit City Stores Inc., the nation's second-biggest electronics retailer, filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday but plans to stay open for business as the busy holiday shopping season approaches.

It filed under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code, which will allow it to hold off creditors and continue operations while it develops a reorganization plan

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Noctis Lucis Caelum3628d ago

Good to hear, i'm going on a shopping spree at circuit city this holida season, we can expect some great deals.

UltimateIdiot9113628d ago

To be honest, CC has been pumping out great game deals especially on new games. I'm still piss at how I didn't get my artbook for Valkyria Chronicles from Gamestop. Right now in the process of b!tching and moaning to gamestop about the artbook.

Valkyria Chronicles for $45 is a great deal. The game is simply amazing, not for everyone but definitely worth playing for those who enjoy strategy rpg.

GrammarPolice3628d ago

It's too bad, Circuit City always seemed like they were on the cusp of becoming a true rival with Best Buy. Customer service was always a problem for me whenever I went to a store- they seemed to not care a whole lot and there was always only one register open. Not that BB's service is all that much better but I have left merchandise on the candy rack and left in frustration more often in CC than I have in BB. Maybe with Chapter 11 protection they'll be able to reorganize, retrench, and reinvent themselves into a more customer friendly (and profitable) organization.

etownone3628d ago

i agree, especially with the great deals on video games. I always wait till the week a game come out to see who has the best deal, and it's usually CC.

ChrisGTR13628d ago

its wierd, you know how compUSA was bankrupt or something and closed all their stores down well a compUSA here opened up a few months ago, kind of wierd after going out of buisness and all.

Cheeseknight283627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Tiger Direct bought out the CompUSA brand and reopened a few stores.

joebahrjoebahr3628d ago

from all of the LBP's they bought and all the different ps3 systems that never got sold.

or the rrod returns( i beat you ps3 chumps to it,

NovusTerminus3628d ago

Prolly due to Obama getting in office. Increasing taxes on a company this large to 60% is going to hurt, allot.

Lionsguard3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I heard it was Obama's fault that a star in a distant galaxy blew up and killed 13 billion inhabitants of a nearby planet.

Give me a break, Obama is not in office yet you chump, Bush is still president and Obama isn't going to be president Until the 20th of January. Also, Circuit City has been bleeding for ages why do you think they had to shut down 155 stores across the nation? Get your butt-hurt repub ass and your politics off N4G.

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The story is too old to be commented.