Custom adaptive PS3 controller allows disabled young man to play games

Quote below taken from the original poster himself.

"The main reason I put this on the PlayStation website was to show people that even the most limited person can still enjoy console gaming just as much... anyone else. the controller was pretty easy to make except for converting the analog signals into digital signals for when I use the various switches. this took about two months to build and get working effectively. here are a couple more pictures. this time much smaller,lol.I really want the Sony people to see this as well, because many years ago when I was asking about this they had no idea worked to send me.also I can see my television clearly with no instruction whatsoever even though it really works like I would not be able to see anything at all. if anybody knows anybody who could use assistance playing video games please let me know."

There is more information as well as pictures to go with this article within the post at the Sony PS3's forum. I have also posted this as news to N4G to shed some light on this persons desire & perseverance to game while at the same time exposing a certain poster (Zapachna666) within that thread for his deplorable actions and comments UPDATE: of which have been removed since then.

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Nineball21123631d ago

That is just awesome. I'm glad he's able to get around his limitations and enjoy gaming.

God bless him.

Alcohog3631d ago

That's incredible. Great job!

EnglishPatriot3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Thats amazing. Now thats what you call a true gamer.

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