Inside the Nintendo DSi

Bunnies Studio's writes:
"While I was on the Yamanote line last week, I saw an advertisement for the Japanese launch of the Nintendo DSi (Nintendo site / Wikipedia site). The DSi just went for sale on November 1st in Japan only, and it looks like the North American launch for the product is still up in the air (looks like sometime fall next year).

Needless to say, I couldn't help myself from buying one of these…and taking it apart. The DSi is pretty cool: it has not one, but two, cameras embedded in it. One faces forward so you can see yourself, and the other can be used to take pictures of others. Compared to the DS-lite, it's a little bit thinner, isn't compatible with the old charger, and more prominently features wifi connectivity status. The speakers are also a bit beefier. Finally, the feature I like the most is that the screens are a good bit larger than the previous model (I'm already enjoying Tetris on the bigger screen). Oh, and also, it has an SD card slot, so you can play AAC encoded audio from the memory card, as well as store pictures on there, so the device effectively doubles as a camera and a music player on the road."

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