Final Fantasy VI Deserves a Remaster as Much as Anything Else

The fact of the matter remains that Square Enix has ignored the first six entries in the series for a long time, which is even more egregious when you consider that Final Fantasy VI is regarded by many as one of the best RPG’s of all-time.

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PhoenixUp46d ago

It’d make more sense to remake FFV & FFVI similar to how they did 3D remakes for FFIII & FFIV instead

The next game I’d imagine that’d get a remaster would be FFXIII

Godmars29046d ago

Would love to see a *new* game.

Maybe something with a theme, like tech vs magic, and it sticks to that theme?

PhoenixUp46d ago

I’m still waiting on them to reveal FFXVI already, but that’s another topic

wheresmymonkey46d ago

They were working on VI but square got cold feet since it was towards the end of the DS life so they axed it.

Teflon0244d ago

I'd rather they did it like the FFI, II, and IV PSP games. Preferred those versions over the 3D version for FFIV

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ZeekQuattro46d ago

If they remade VI using the same engine from Octopath I'd be a very happy man. That was the last mainline FF game I played for a significant amount of time.

elliselijah9244d ago

Haha lol. You're a weird one.

Neonridr46d ago

FFVI (3 on SNES) was probably one of the best games on that system. Everything about that game was damn near perfect. Would love to see even just a basic 3D remake done on it.

WraithSpire44d ago

A remake of this game would be great. Hopefully a remake of Final Fantasy VI would retain the turn based battle system, it was perfect.

Also, the Final Fantasy VII remake will likely take several years since it's episodic. So hopefully a Final Fantasy VI remake would have graphics slightly better than the Final Fantasy XII remake. In order to drastically reduce development time.

"FF Versus XIII" was announced when I was in high school. It was released as "Final Fantasy XV" a decade later. So please understand my desire that a Final Fantasy VI remake not take as long as Final Fantasy VII (episodic) or Final Fantasy XV.

Butters36044d ago

Nah. FFVI AND FFTacticsWOTL deserve the full remake touch. FFXVI is a LONG ways off.

phoenixwing44d ago

3d remake of final fantasy 6 please

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The story is too old to be commented.