Bizarrely, Deadly Premonition on PS3 Might Still Be the Best Console Version Available

Who would have thought that Deadly Premonition 2 would be a thing 24 hours ago? Deadly Premonition 2! Nevertheless, the sequel that nobody saw coming was announced in last night's Nintendo Direct along with a port of the original game to the Switch, but it turns out that version isn't quite the definitive release.

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SockeyBoy333d ago

Hmm I'm hearing different, I'm hearing the switch version actually runs above 20 fps

darthv72332d ago

I only have the 360 version, never tried the PS3 port.

Sgt_Slaughter332d ago

A PlayStation website trying to bash a Switch game, not surprised

AK91332d ago

I sincerely doubt that

Concertoine332d ago

I remember people bashing the ps3 port for poor performance